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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busy Weekend!

So we had a busy weekend of cleaning at our house - I am totally exhausted. Virgil was a very good boy the whole time - although he is very confused by the changes. I put away the Total Gym, which has been out since he was a baby, and he is very interested in the area is used to be in. And I got all the clothes off the chair he likes to sleep in. And now my office, which had become a dumping ground for everything, is totally clean and so the door can be left open - they like to sit in the window so all the cats are very happy.

For Easter we went to my aunt and uncle's house - I took some pictures of their cats and dogs to post, which I will do when I get home. They had turkey breast and ham, so I took some turkey breast for the cats to eat - Floyd and Kirzon were excited, Lola was too busy sleeping to care, and Virgil took a look and had no iterest. He is the first cat I have had that didn't love turkey. Floyd is starting to get really beggy again so when he goes in for his blood test this week I am going to mention it to the vet - it may be time to put him back on the amoxicillin. He went CRAZY for the turkey though. But at one point Brad was showing me these cufflinks he had and Floyd could not be convinced that it was not food. So we ended up having to find the treats and give them all some of those - I haven't seen Floyd that persistent in a while, but he was mostly just meowing - when it gets bad is when he tried to actually take your food. So like I said, it may be amoxicilling time again - he does really well on it so we will see - if his weight is down that will have to be the case.

Like I said, I will have some pics to post when I get home of my aunts cats and dogs - hopefully I can tell who is who with the dogs the are all so similar!

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