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Monday, April 20, 2009

Floyd Update

Well I talked to the Vet and Floyd's tests all looked good. Because Floyd has lost a bunch of weight, he is sending the results to the specialist so they can decide if he needs to have his medicine adjusted. But he seems to be doing good on the amoxicillin - way less barfing.

Speaking of barfing, I never posted the story of Floyd barfing on the bed while I was asleep - basically I woke up to him barfing on the bed, and doing it directly on the mattress. I had done laundry but not gotten the fitted sheet on before I hurt my arm, and the mattress is a tempurpedic so it has a nice soft cover, so I decided to just sleep on that until my arm is a bit better,which would have been fine if Floyd hadn't decided to barf on the bed. Luckily I got it up pretty good - you can't even tell it was there. I still plan to go over it with the steam cleaner, but it is on the other side of the bed at least. It doesnt seem to have caused a problem.

Since my arm still hurts, and Brad didn't take any photos since he is sick, I decided to post some pictures that I had. Hopefully they aren't copies. There aren't any of Floyd but there are some of the other three. There is one of Virgil kind of leaning over on the bike with his orange ball - it is hard to tell but his paws are actually trying to readjust the ball - he does that a lot and it is very cute. Hopefully you can kind of tell.


Lucy Belle said...

Oh Floyd, we hope the cat doctor knows what is happening to you. Keeping you in our thoughts.

Angel said...

Floyd, we hope you are feeling better! Those are cute siblings you have. Kirby carries a ball like Virgil does! We don't care if they are copies!

Take care of that arm!