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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Virgil is smart....

well, at least most of the time. But lately I think he is loosing it a bit - he has gotten stuck in the bathroom downstairs three times. See, he usually sits on the bed at night to wait for me, and when he was not there two nights ago I went to look for him - couldn't find him anywhere. Then I asked my boyfriend why he had closed the bathroom door (the toilet had been broken earlier and we had it closed until it was fixed, I assumed it broke again) and he said he hadn't closed it. I looked inside and found Virgil - somehow he managed to get the door shut and couldn't get out. Now, it never occured to me he might do it again. So the next day after work he was out and playing, but then my boyfriend got home and went to go to the bathroom - and found the door shut again. Virgil had gotten stuck again! I couldnt' believe it. Then, later last night when I was going to bed, he again wasn't there - went to look for him and this time went to the downstairs bathroom first - and yep, he was in there with the door almost closed. We are now keeping that door closed so he doesn't get stuck. I think he finds it fun in there - he has always liked to play in that room and in that bathrooms sink for some reaon. Hopefully this will not happen with any of the other rooms - we keep the upstairs offices and hallway bathroom doors closed but the bedroom and master bathroom doors are open, so who knows. There is a litter box in there (he is still small so I have just kept it in there in case) and water bowl so he would be ok, but he might get mad about it. Or he would sleep and not notice he was stuck - one of two.

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