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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So Virgil has really been into playing fetch lately. He really likes my boyfriend a lot so he will play with him too - he is the only one. Floyd will play with me and he likes Brad and will sit by him, but he never really plays with him. But Virgil will play with both of us - bring one the ball (and I use the term ball loosely) then the other. He will also follow Brad around, which the others don't really do. Lola sleeps by him a lot but she doesn't really follow him or play with him. I think it is because I feed them and they know it. But Virgil just likes to follow people and play, he does't assume that person getting up = getting fed, so he will follow anyone. He is so big now - stil the smallest cat, but definately a cat now, not a kitten. He still squeaks all the time, which is funny because it is really high pitched, but when he meows it is a cat meow now. And when he thinks it is time to get fed, boy does he meow - loudest of all 4 of them. I can't belive that big voice comes out of such a tiny body. The good thing is that he is still very active, so he is still thin. He just doesn't seem like he will get as husky as the others, which is a good thing. Although I do miss his kitten-ness. Oh well, I guess it will be time to think about getting a kitten soon.....

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