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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Old School Cat Photos Part 1

So I decided to post some old photos of my cats. The first batch, which are here, are of the cats we had when I was growing up, Mog and Putter. There were a lot of photos of Putter but not too many of Mog - she was afraid of the camera, we think she didn't like the buzz from the flash. Putter is Mog's mom. Putter is the orange tabby, and Mog is the brown. Putter was named by my mom because of the loud purring she made. Mog was named by me after a book I had when I was little - Mog,the Forgetful Cat. I thought I had pictues of all the kittens but I couldn't find them - I don't really know what happened to those pictures. You can tell that they are old because they are kind of funky looking - I scanned them from photos. But they still look pretty good. Tomorrow I will have some photos from when Lola was little - I didn't have my cameras out much when Floyd and Kirzon were kittens, which I now regret. That is why I have so many of Virgil now.

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