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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Floyd Update

So we went to the vet today for Floyd's blood test and while we were there I had the vet look at his chin. I thought he had rubbed it so much that he had hurt himself - turns out that is not really the case (although rubbing it probably doesn't help). What he has is cat acne - I had never even heard of it before. So we have some medicine and know how to take care of it (clean it with warm water, use a little neosporin, especially if it bleeds, which is does right now if you rub it too much, and an antibiotic to help out). It makes me think that maybe that is why the other cats have had chin issues too. I read a bit about it and it turns out that it is pretty common. My cats growing up didn't have it so I was not familiar with it. Anyway, we will get the blood test results on Monday so I will let you know what happens.


Amber said...

My vet told us they can get kitty acne if you use plastic bowls. We switched to metal feeding bowl and have had no problems with kitty acne ever since!!

I enjoy your blog and your kitties from one full house of cats (we have 7!!!) to another!

Amy said...

Our vet mentioned the same thing about the plastic bowls, but we have always used either metal or glass for their water and dry food. We did use plastic for the canned for a while (see the early photos for pics) but I have since switched to using paper (it got tough to fit 8 plates a day in the diswasher - since they were plastic they went on top and took up valuable glass space). We are begining to suspect that they like to rub their faces on the toy box we have, which is plastic. We use it to store the toys in. We are going to either store it where it can't be rubbed on (they don't need all their toys at one time) or I will get a wicker/fabric basket to use. We got the box right around the same time we noticed Lola having issues - I thought it was from over rubbing on this cat thing that is made for them to rub on, after she had a fight with Virgil and got a little knick on her chin, but now I think it was the cat acne.