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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Floyd update

Hi all - sorry I haven't posted any pics - still sick. But I wanted to give a Floyd update. He went for his second blood test since he started his meds and things are looking good. In two weeks he gained about 1/4 pound, and his blood test came back good. His platlet (ok I can't spell today so that is wrong) count is up to normal and he will have to go back in 3 weeks. Also his fur is growing back - on his leg it is all black now - but still really short. On his belly you can still see skin but the fur is longer. So he is happy about that. He is still acting like his normal self, and he is very excited because I found some of his favorite toys in a box (these sparkly pom pom things - his "sparkle balls") and he has been playing with them.

Virgil has been goofy lately - last night he was crazy and I think it might be because he is getting older and going through some changes - he kept biting my arm - like almost like a compulsion. He kept meowing, which he doesn't normally do unless he is hungry and just biting me - not breaking the skin but I swear it was a good 10 minutes of pulling him off my arms. It was either that he was trying to nurse off my arm (weird) or trying to show dominance over it (also weird). He has acted that way a couple times in the morning when I have slept in and he is hungry, but that was a couple months ago. I ended up getting up because I needed a cough drop (I am pretty sure I am going to hack up a lung) and when I got back he was normal again. It was super weird.

I did take some vidoe of him with my phone that I am going to try to post here - he isn't really doing anyting and the quality sucks but you can hear him squeaking which is super cute. I want to get video of him actually doing something but as soon as I turn on the recording he just sits. I think he knows.

As far as the other two they are just normal. They sleep and eat and poop and yell at Virgl. They just aren't warming up to him - I try and explain that they should just get used to him but they won't listen. Well, I mean, they don't speak english, so there is that part of it, but really they just don't want to be friendly with him. They are kind of dorks.

I will see if I can get that video up later.

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