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Friday, February 27, 2009

I Can't Think of a Title Today

So, as I mentioned the other day with the pics I posted I have a head cold. So I don't have the energy to think of a good title today, plus I am going to touch on a couple things.

First, Floyd is doing much better - when you pet him he doesn't feel boney like he did a few weeks ago. And he seems like he feels ok. I honestly think he knows that the medicine is helping him - he isn't even fighting me when I give him the amoxicillin now like he used to. That and I think he knows if he takes it he gets a treat or some canned food. He has a blood test tomorrow so I will know more then.

Next, I was going back through the blog and looking at the older pictures (still don't have that stupid hard drive fixed so I can't look at them any other way) and I realized that my cats like to read FARK - there is a picture of Lola sitting on the computer with it in the background, and the one of Virgil with it in the background. Weird.

I also noticed how much Virgil has changed. He is a lot bigger obviously but he is very different too - when he was little he was more snuggly with the other cats. Now, this may be because he wants to bug them a lot of the time and try to play now that he is bigger, and this gets on their nerves, but I am not sure. He was also more snuggly with me when he was little, mostly because I could protect him. He was always pretty adventureous though - even when he was little. I keep hoping that one day he will be snuggly with the others but right now he is just a big ball of energy - I know he is still a kitten (he will be 9 months in March) but the other three were much more mellow. He is much more of a daredevil, and we think he is very imaginative - when he plays he just has so much fun. We think he must have a great imagination and be really smart. I have never seen anything like it - he is also so happy all the time. He very rarely gets angry at the other cats, even when they are fighting.

I am hoping to get some more photos this weekend. My cold is breaking up so I hope I will be more active than I have been.


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