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Friday, January 23, 2009

Virgil on Cute Overload!!

Ooh, I had to add that Virgil is on CUTE OVERLOAD - go check it out - not only for Virgil but there are TONS of other cuties on there too!!

And to everyone who is visting here from CUTE OVERLOAD - WELCOME!!


Anonymous said...

I found your site from the CO link, and I have looked at all the pictures on your blog. This is a charming blog and the cats are really sweet. I am worried about Floyd! Sending you and him healing thoughts.
One thing is surprising - there are no comments on your blog at all as far as I can tell. Don't see how this can be, as all the pics and stories are really great.

Amy said...

Thanks for the comments and good thoughts - until Virgil made it to Cute Overload there weren't too many people who read it. Those who have since the begining are people like the nurses at my vets office (where we got Virgil) - they are the reason I started it - so I could update on him, and show off all 4. It looks like there are more people seeing it now.

Thanks for the good thoughts for Floyd - we both really appreciate it.

Deb said...

Just had to pop over and say I loved Virgil's pics on cute overload!