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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas with the Cats

So yesterday was Christmas, and apparently the cats were pretty good because their stocking were stuffed with toys. Lucky for Lola Christmas was yesterday because this morning she decided to be bad and peed on one of the stockings - Floyds. I am still using the shredded paper litter and they really hate it. I know I can switch back now but we did get a lot so I am going to use the regular in one box and a mix in the other - I usually mix the non-electric box with regular litter and crystals (crystals on the bottow work well to abosorb odors) but I think I will just use the rest of the paper litter instead of the crystals for a while - the regular litter rests on top and the underneath absorbs. I am actually either going to get a third box with that method or get rid of the electric box all together - the new version just sucks but the old version was awesome. I know Dr. Fosters & Smith sells the old one but eventually those won't be available anymore.

Virgil has been very good since he has been home. He seems much calmer. He is still a crazy daredevil compared to the other three but he is being much calmer than before. He is also much more snuggly than before - on the day before Christmas eve I was wrapping presents and he sat by me the whole time. And he was very good, hardly attacked the ribbons at all. He is still the squeakiest cat ever but now he is meowing more - mostly when he wants attention or is really interested in something. And he is really interested in Brad - sometimes he follows him around. Lola still hates him - she gets angry at all the cats when they go to the vet - and so she still hisses at him, but the other two have been ok. They are tolerating him as long as he isn't trying to "attack" (aka play) them. But he is always easy to find because he squeaks all the time - and if he isn't and you call him he will squeak eventually so you can find him.

I didn't get any pictures of the cats rolling in their toys this year - last year I did but one of their gifts was catnip so when I put that down they were much more rolly with them. I did get them into their outfits, as you can see by the last pictures I posted. They weren't thrilled with that but they tollerated it long enough to get the pictures. I will be cleaning for the next few days so I am hoping that I will get some time to take pictures but if not I will at least post some more stories when I am back at work next week - it should be pretty quitet there so I am sure I will have some time.


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