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Thursday, October 2, 2008

So you may have noticed....

Two of the pictures I posted have Chicago Tribunes in the background still in the plastic. That is because I am super lazy and it has been lying there and I have not looked at it since it ended up there. Lola really likes to sit on plastic (actually so do Kirzon and Virgil, but not Floyd) and so I left it there for her. The three of them have specific plastic types they like - Lola prefers either newspaper bags or the plastic used to wrap bundles of paper towels and toilet paper together. Virgil likes bags (although for some bags, like grocery bags, it is because he pees on them or plays with them - ok I assumed it was him that peed on the plastic bag the other day because the when the older cats pee on something it smells horribly but when Virgil does it is less gross since he is still little and he has done it one other time when he was very little and couldn't hold it and was in the bathroom with me) like the shiny kind that seem "higher end" and then he loves to play with the plastic that the paper towels and toilet paper (seriously he played with one package so much it broke open, and then he could play with the toilet paper too!)but only when the toilet paper is still in the package (at least so far, he hasn't really had access to it otherwise). Kirzon LOVES plastic grocery bags - he licks them which I think is gross, and he likes to sit on them too. But the licking is crazy - he will find them anywhere and the sound is just annoying after a while. I know that it is bad to let them play with plastic and I usually try to stop them (I don't want them to get caught) but they are really good at finding them. I don't worry as much about the bags they use strictly for sitting on, because for some weird reason they don't try to do much other than use them as a place to sit (or sleep on). I just don't understand the appeal - maybe it is the sound it makes or that they can hide in a bag. But the licking - seriously I don't get it. My dad had the theory that maybe they tasted it and it was good to them becuase they have a more sensitive tongue. He said that you had to be careful because they would lick things like photo paper and film because of the geletin emulsion on it - it tasted sweet to them - so maybe it was something like that. My dad was really into photography so I know the geletin part was correct. Well, that and the fact that I was a photo major. But I have to say I did try to taste some photo paper after that and it did't taste sweet to me at all. I think that they are just nuts.

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