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Thursday, September 11, 2008


And not the good kind. If you've seen Futurama you will understand what I am talking about.

Anyway, I think Virgil has worms. I have been finding these little white things in the bed where he sleeps. At first I thought they were flea eggs, because the same day I noticed him I saw a flea on him (and have found more since). But they said at the vet they were small, and so I did a search for them on the internet and it said they are like .5mm long. Well, these seemed bigger. This morning I relized I needed to get a better idea and description, and I realized they kind of looked like small sesame seeds, so I searched the internet with "small sesame seeds in cats bedding" and found this site. It describes the same thing and says is it a sign of worms, which can come from a cat swallowing a flea. Well, Virgil has both fleas and the seed like things in his bed, so I called the vet again, and this time described them better. They said it could be worms and to bring him in on Saturday morning when I bring Lola for her annual check up. We will have to get both flea medicine and worm medicine is my guess. Don't know if they will need to treat the others but it might not be a bad idea. We will see what the vet says.

Also, to update you on his snurfely-ness, it seems to have gotten much better since he is on the antibiotics. Which is good becuase it would have sucked if he was allergic to something in the house (like the other cats). He is good about taking it (unlike his big brother Floyd) so hopefully if he does have to have worm medicine it won't be a problem.

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