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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Worms update - part 1

So I read on the internet that if it is a tapeworm (which is what I think it is) not only will there be the gross seed like things where the cat sleeps (and when I got home I checked the chair he was sleeping in and yep, gross seed things - they are actually tapeworm segments - eeeewwww) but you will see them around his butt so I checked and sure enough there was one there. Super gross! So now Virgil has the nickname wormy (wormey?) butt. It doesn't seem to be bothering him because he is as crazy as ever but it is still gross. The good thing is that when I combed him for fleas when I got home I didn't find any or any flea dirt. He REALLY hates being combed so it is tough to get everywhere but they seem to hang out around his head (ears especially) and his back legs, and I am sure to get those areas at least a couple times a day (usually 3 - morning, after work and before bed). It makes sense now that even when I have just combed him we still have a bunch of nasty seed things in the bed because they aren't flea eggs, they are worm segments.

Also I have to add that Virgil is on the bad boy list right now because he knocked a bracelet I made yesterday off the table and it broke one of the stones. It was a pain to make so I am not really excited that he broke it, plus now I have to get a stone to replace it.

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