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Monday, July 11, 2011

Um..Random Monday?

Hi Everyone! So today is going to be a Random Monday. I didn't realize how behind I am in visiting everyone - I hate it. I was going to try to visit everyone who commented first but oh that is tough to do going back and forth so much. Normally I go from most unread to least unread but oh I am so behind that the most unreads are super high! I think A-Z might have to be the plan of attack this time - just not sure yet.

So let me see, we had another bad storm here and there is a lot of power out in the area - it is mostly north. Wow, I don't even think I told you guys that the last storm here, where we had tornados, brushed our house - the tornado that is. There were storms almost the same day the past 2 years too - weird. The broken trees made me sad but I was glad no one was hurt.

Actually maybe I did mention it because the whole two years thing seems familiar. Who knows.

Kirzon has been driving me crazy lately because he wakes me up in the morning because he is hungry. Now nothing has changed for his feeding times or anything - I think he is just getting older and a bit crazy. He is going to be 15 soon you know.

Lola is doing pretty good lately - she is still hissy but she goes and sits near the other cats sometimes, so that is good progress. And she has her own room still for when we are not home, and I think that helps too. She gets a break from the crazies.

Virgil is doing good - he is always so tiny to me - I want him to eat more. He does eat a lot when it is something he likes which is good but he just seems tiny to me. I guess that is because some of the others are very big.

Barney is very Barneylike. He bugs Lola but then he is the biggest snugglebug of all the cats. His allergies are bugging his eyes sometimes, and usually I know it is coming if I have a bad sinus headache - we get them at the same time. He still runs around like a crazyman though, so I guess they don't bother him too much!

Gus is very calm compared to everyone else. Well, mostly. He is so funny because he will reach out for you to tell you he wants petting - he even will tap your head for it if you are behind him. He likes to sleep in the kitty bed on the bed, but he loves the kitchen chairs - weird.

Stella - she is quite a tomboy and boy, she loves to play. She attacks things outside the patio doors (doesn't get them of course), climbs in the drapes, and jumps and chases everything and anything. She is a sweetheart most of the time but she gets a little weird around Lola still - but they are getting better with each other. Oh, and she broke a table the other day playing - hopefully I can fix it (it is made of a glass block top and one of the blocks totally broke, and a couple others chipped). I don't really hold it against her though - but it was because she was being crazy and chasing outdoor bugs (it was by the back patio doors).

Trixie is just a sweetie. She also likes the kitty bed and the kitchen chairs - she and Gus hang out there a lot. She is so funny because some things that you would think wouldn't scare her do (like moving things around - she doesn't like that at all, like the laundry basket for example) but she is the bravest for other things and will totally be the first one to check things out. And she is my little "squirmy wormy" because she loves to jump on the bed and roll all over and be petted. And she totally knows the nickname squirmy wormy now - so funny!

And for me, well, things are the same - hopefully they will improve soon. I know it could be a lot worse. I am hoping to get in a lot of visiting this week so keep your fingers crossed for me that I can do that - it always makes me feel better when I do get to.

See you all sometime - I am still working on the best way to get a visit in (it has been tough even typing this today because I have to keep going away to work on other things, but the rest of the week will hopefully be more quiet!)

Hugs and purrs to all our friends out there!!


Fuzzy Tales said...

We wouldn't worry about trying to visit everyone, let alone keep up. Too hard, especially if you follow several hundred blogs.

Glad everyone is doing well -- there's nothing like kitty dynamics, the mom says. We don't have that anymore, really, with Annie gone, since it was she and Nicki who provided all the "fun" in the house.

Take care and stay safe from bad storms!

Katnip Lounge said...

OMC what a fun post! News of all the purries at your house. It sounds pretty typical of the madness at our house too, storms included! Mommy didn't know if she'd make it home from work on Sunday because of the rain and flooding.
Don't stress about the visiting...remember, this is supposed to be FUN!

Old Kitty said...

Awww Kirzon is being an old mankitty! LOL!! Yay for adorable Lola, sweet Virgil, gorgeous Barney, crazy Gus the German! LOL! and beautiful brave Stella (she must have been playing very hard to break a glass table! LOL!) and squirmy wormy Trixie!! My goodness your home sounds like a very lively happy place!! Yay!!

Glad you are all safe with the tornado season! I hope the weather calms down asap! Take care Amy and see you soon! x

ABBY said...

Glad all the kitties are OK! And that you are too, just busy! Take care and we know you will catch up real soon!

Abby purrs

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

I agree, don't worry about visiting everyone! Seems to me there was something out there about 'blogging without obligation' I don't think you have to feel obligated to visit when you obviously don't have time. When you have time, then you can have the fun of catching up!
Love the squirmy wormy Trixie! Leo, her brother, is my wiggle worm! Wiggles himself right off the edge of things all the time when he's looking for love! lol

Athena said...

It is always so good to hear how efurryone is doing!

Repositório said...

Hehe! I know how you fell because can not visit all the friends blog ... gives a trouble right?
Thanks for the news.
A kiss and good week!

Mr. Pip said...

Glad you are all OK. I was walking to the train when the storm hit and literally had to hold onto a sign to keep from blowing over. It was CRAZY! Plus, I got soaked and was freezing at work all day. No more storms, please!

Kristin (Pip's mom)

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

The kitties are okay, and that's the important part. The rest will follow.

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

We love the updates! Everyone seems so active and happy. Your storms sound very unsettling...do the kitties go crazy? Most of the WDA would be hiding by momma!

Be safe, sane, and healthy...and visit when you can.

Roy said...

Loving reading about the whole clowder. Sounds like a fun household all around. And I agree with the others commenting here. Don't worry about trying to visit everyone. It's supposed to be FUN doin the blogs and all. Enjoy yourself and take your time. I'm lacking in my visiting lately, in fact I'm way behind in my posting to the Blogs I have. I've even committed us to several things I haven't even started on yet. Time will take care of it all.

I don't know which is the best way to get to all the places. Maybe get a couple spare computers, train the lead kitties to post, get them all accounts, give them a part of the following list and turn them loose. Heh! If only we could .....

Be Happy, and Y'all come see us sometime.

Au and Target said...

Watch out for those storms! We like to read of the kitties having a blast :-)

Remington said...

It certainly seems to busy all over....sometimes we just can't seem to do it all....Glad to hear all are doing well. Ozabella says "hi" to her Gustin! Enjoy your summer!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Yes, it can be hard, even impossible, to keep up. You can only do your best.

Glad the kitties and their mom are doing okay.

Brian said...

Nice to see you! There sure have been lots of bad storms in lots of places, scary. Sounds like all is going well, y'all take care!

Marg said...

Hi Amy, that was fun hearing all about everyone. We are so glad to hear they are all doing well. Glad that tornado didn't hit you head on. And we certainly understand about the visiting. It takes a bunch of time to get around to everyone.We just enjoy hearing all about your kittens.Take care.

Sagira said...

Good to hear from you. We get behind in comments as well but try to always catch up. Mom always feels so guilty if someone left us a comment and we don't leave them one. We know that isn't the case but mom just likes to stay on top and understands how you feel getting behind. Just take it one day at a time, that is what we try to do. :)

BeadedTail said...

We enjoy the updates on everykitty! We're glad everyone is doing well!