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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordy Whining Wednesday!

Well, this is going to be a whiney one - but first I have to put in a plug for Chrystal at Daily Dose of Dogs - she just took in 15 cats - 6 adults and 9 kittens - from a very bad situation. So she is full up with kitties right now. If you or anyone you know is looking for an awesome kitty, I highly recommend that you consider adopting one of her other cats. There are a bunch that are available (obviously all the newbies aren't ready yet) and a few of them are even related to Trixie - so you could have a kitty that is related to us - that is a big bonus! So go over and visit and adopt a kitty if you can!

Ok, so now for the whining. We found out yesterday that they are changing web blockers at work so we may loose all contact with the outside world as of next Wednesday - BOO! Keep your fingers and paws crossed for me! If we have no internet then when I have down time I guess I will be just staring at the computer - FUN! Plus I get to have training here next week - double fun!

And oh, it is VERY hot here right now - I hate the heat! It is humid too - which makes it even less fun. 

I am getting caught up pretty well at this point, so that is good - for now. Hopefully once I am fully caught up I can stay that way.

Let me see the cats are all good - Kirzon started his medicine and since it is a transdermal it is so much easier to give him. I highly suggest that you ask your vet about doing it this way if you have a cat that hates medicine as much as Kirzon does. Most compounding pharmacies can do it for a lot of different types of medicine - we have a great one near me, and they are super nice. And they can make stuff taste better too - they have tuna flavor and everything. I guess that really is only better if you are a cat, but you know what I mean - they have other flavors too.

Everyone else is good - Lola is doing better now that she is getting her canned food again, and it seems to not be giving her any stomach problems, so things are pretty much back to normal.

Well, I guess this isn't TOO wordy. I will have some pics up soon, and I have to get back to doing things like Friends on Friday and stuff like that - so hopefully that will be soon!! See you later!!


Anonymous said...

I didn't think this was too wordy OR too whiny. I thought it was just right. My paws are crossed super tight that the new internet police isn't too strict at your work.

Wiggles & Wags,

Old Kitty said...

Who is this company you work for and why are they being so draconian about all things to do with web technology?!?! I've never known such a place - how truly bizarre! I have everything crossed for you!! I really hope you survive this latest silliness!!
:-( Hang on in there!!

Great news about gorgeous Kirzon and Lola!! Yay!!!

I wish Chrystal all the best - she's such a star for looking after these kitties! take care

TK and Squashies said...

No innernets? Whatever will you do!?!
This a very nice thing to tell about Crystal's new kitties. We sure hopes they all gets a home to lives in!

We thanks you fur your purrs.
Love, TK

ABBY said...

We are purrin very hard for Chrystal.

OH dear Amy we hope you don't lose your web access totally at work. I know how I felt when they did that to us. IT was crazy!

We are glad everyone is getting on so well.


meowmeowmans said...

Sorry to hear about the threat of web blockers at work. That totally stinks. :(

Glad to hear, however, that the cats are doing well. That transdermal gel sounds like a real godsend, especially for Kirzon!

Have a good rest of the day, and try to stay cool! It's yucky here today (98 degrees and humid), too.

Repositório said...

Have a good Thursday!

Baby Patches said...

How darn dey try to cuts you off from dat big wide cat world online! I hopes it doesn't come to dat!

Glad to hears about your kitties doing better and getting meds okay.


BeadedTail said...

We're glad the kitties are doing well! We're purring for Chrystal's kitties too. She's an angel on earth!

No internet at work? That's just crazy! How can a company operate these days without the internet? We sure hope they don't follow through with that.

Catsparella said...

Keeping my paws crossed about your internet access! I once had a job where they blocked *mostly* everything, including ALL personal email. It was the worsttt :( Gooood luck!