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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday Randomness

Yeah, I have no clever title today or anything. I tried to think of one but that didn't happen.

See, Lola is nuts. All of a sudden she wants out of her room at night. She has had periods in the past where she did but the past 3 nights, all night, she pounds and digs on the her door. The issue is of course that if she is out she pees. If I bring her in to sleep with me, she will pee on the bed - she will even do it when I am sleeping (or napping as I learned this weekend when I was napping and she did it). I don't know what is up all of a sudden. I went in twice and she made a dash to escape, but I stopped her. I put on some music last night when I went in there at 3:30 in the morning and that helped a bit. She is still having stomach issues when she eats canned food,but is fine on crunchy - I am not sure if she is wanting her canned or what. She is always out when we are home and awake so I just am not sure what to do - I hate that she is unhappy but I can't have her out of that room at night unsupervised (the only places she could go are there, or the bathroom in the master bedroom, since she pees on the bed, because the whole rest of the house is pretty much open and she could get to the other place she likes to pee - the couches).

Ok, so on top of her being crazy, Kirzon is having mouth issues again, so I need to get him an appointment. He also seems skinny to me, and he has lost a few tufts of fur - though that could have been pulled out in a wrestling match - he is super feisty still.

Barney is having issues with allergies with is eyes, and so I am giving him his eye stuff again. Oh, and the other day I was taking him out of Lola's room and I accidently shut the door on his tail. He was fine after because it wasn't shut all the way but boy did he YELL. But I gave him treats, and he was snuggling with me by morning.

Gus, Stella, Virgil and Trixie are all doing good. At least they seem to be - at this point I am so crazy I am not even sure! They all act normal and stuff, so that is a good thing.

Add to that work craziness, and all other home craziness, and it is just a busy, crazy time. I have been trying to get the house clean, dealing with my oh-so-fun job, and of course the joys of seasonal headaches (on top of my daily work headaches). I am working on getting around to visit as much as possible - I always feel happier when I get to do that. But that is why posting is so behind - that and blogger issues that are making me nuts also (still having problems commenting on some blogs but I can work around it at least). I have been trying to get stuff moved to wordpress and for some reason nothing is copying over - just titles, no actual posts. It is very frustrating!

So the next few days will be crazy and sporadic. I am hoping to get some pictures taken and posted, and visit and a lot of other stuff. And of course I will keep you updated on everyone - and all of their craziness!


Sagira said...

Sorry to hear about all the issues you're going through. I hope the vet is able to figure things out and get some stuff settled down.

Have you tried Feliaway? My vet recommended it when our cat Hannah was having these type of issues as well. We finally put her in her own room and she was happy and used her litter box and didn't make a peep unless she wanted more food/water.

Tober the Cat said...

Amy, you seem to me to be a very dedicated Assistant to all of your furry Bosses. You deserve solid headbumps and snuffle-kisses for all that you do for them. I hope they un-crazy a bit!

Old Kitty said...

Awwwww Lola!! Lovely lovely Lola!! Oh dear!! There's definitely something there if she's peeing almost at random. Awwwww I have everything crossed that she'll settle down and feel calm and not so stressed soon!! Good luck!! It's so nice to know that music helps her though - that's really sweet!

Awwwww and poor Kirzon!! Me and Charlie are sending him tons of healing hugs - hopefully the vets will help him!!!

Oh Barney!! That must have been awful when he yelled!! Aww but he's such a sweet boy and it's soon forgotten! Yay!!!

Great to hear that gorgeous Trixie, Gus and Stella and Virgil are all doing ok - yay for them!!

You look after yourself too, Amy!!! Take care

ABBY said...

Oh dear Lola we are sorry you are going through the "P" issue. (we understand because we have a "P" kitty too).

It's tough.

We hope things get better and that things calm down.

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Momma says she TOTALLY understands, Amy! From the little niggly furry one issues to the blogger blues...we have them too. If you lived closer she would invite you over for after work martinis :) We use an herbal chewable called Composure (from Vetri-Science labs) for Puff's anxiety. You can get it on Amazon for like $6 for 30 chews for kitties (although we get the pup version). Breathe deeply and clear your mind.

The Misadventures Of Me said...

One bit of advice from us kittehs - yoo need to nap more, it works fer us!

Repositório said...

I'm here hoping to pass this phase soon and everything will be okay!!
I´m sending good vibrations!!!

Brian said...

Hey, Lola has got to do what Lola has got to do! Thanks for all the updates!!!

Athena said...

My mama and I are so sorry to hear that some of your kitties are hafing some troubles. Dey are so lucky to haf you to take care of dem. You obviously love dem so much.

Cara n Crew said...

When I had toof problems, I didn't want to eat, even tho I was super hungry. And mom seems to ALWAYS step on my tail and I still love her :)

We saw mentioned on another blog about switching to Google Chrome and since we've been browsing blogs with that, the commenting seems to be working.
Purrs from all of us,
Pip, Smidgen,Minnie, and Hollie

AttieCattie said...

uhhhh, sounds like a mess over there! sheesh! hopes everyfing gets back to normal soon...

meowmeowmans said...

Things definitely sound a bit crazy there, Amy. We sure hope things settle down soon.

We will purr and pray for Lola, Kirzon, Barney and you to feel better.

Hang in there, friend!

Danielle said...

We don't have any earth-shattering advice for you about Lola, but we hope she feels happier in her room!

The Island Cats said...

Wow! You got so much on your plate right now, Amy!! Take some deep breaths!!

Oh and since we started using Google Chrome, we haven't had as many problems with blogger.

Ayla, Iza, and Marley said...

Wow! Does Lola want another home? It must be hard locked inna room alla time.

Natalie said...

Sorry to hear about all the issues and craziness! I hope things smooth out soon.

Au and Target said...

Poor Lola, maybe she wants to be an only cat?

Remington said...

Hope things get better soon....

Anonymous said...

We understand! Purrs to you and all of the kitties!

TwoSpecialWires said...

You know what we think? Lola is very lucky to have you as her mom. And we are very lucky to have you as our friends.

jake says thanks for the birthday wishes. He's still waiting on that special toy, but I'm sure he'll get it someday.

Fergi (and jake)