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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Random Wordy Wednesday!

Hi Everyone! I am glad you liked the picture of Virgil and Trixie - and if you couldn't tell it was Virgil that was the yawning kitty. He left about 10 seconds after I took that third picture - mainly because I tried to move or something. Anyway, welcome to Random Wordy Wednesday - enjoy.

First - good news - the air in the office is kind of working - not great but not as hot (but still super humid and sticky). But I will take it after yesterday. I hate the heat (not that I am a fan of the cold either - I am a spring/fall kind of girl) so I am not looking forward to summer since it is always hot and sticky here (except one summer a few years back that wasn't - everyone complained it was too cold but to me it was heavenly!) The AC is on at home so the cats will stay nice and comfy too (that is my biggest fear in summer - that the AC will go off for the cats and Lola will be in her room stuck - though she has always handled the heat well, based on past experience - and she does have her own fan going at all times).

I don't have my other blog available to the public yet - I am still working on it. Once it is up I will let you know so you can check out my crazy ranting if you want.

Oh, the toy exchange - to clear up any confusion. It wasn't a used toy exchange (though that is actually a pretty good idea too - we have a lot of barely touched toys) Carly (from Cuddles and Catnip) was just smart and took the stuff out of the packaging - well, except the duckie was a little used because Tia loved it - and honestly I think that is what attracted the others to it. Kirzon and Barney are both crazy for it. In the future I am going to do what Carly did to ship toys and stuff because packaging is a lot of room and weight - and so it is a lot of extra shipping cost (not that I mind - I always take shipping into consideration but still it is a great idea). My cats have been known to take off with toys too - usually I lock the toys up so they can't get them but sometimes they get to them first - they don't really get used but I have lost a couple treat bags that way. She had let me know that she took the packaging off ahead of time and I wish I had done that too.

Oh, and Chrystal from Daily Dose of Dogs - she could use some purrs and woofs from you guys because she is dealing with a very sick kitten and doggie at the same time, while also helping out 7 other new kittens that were rescued from the flooding (as was the little guy who really needs the purrs and woofs) down in Southern Illinois. So head over and give her some love ok - and if you know anyone looking for a kitty, they have those too (especially Daphne who really needs a forever home a lot).

Lets see, what is up at our house - not much. It is a mess because I have just felt crummy the last few weekends, which is partly why there aren't many pictures. I like not having the carpet but the floor collects a lot more visible dust and stuff now. And I swear there are cat fur tumbleweeds - I am sure those of you out there without carpet know exactly what I mean.

The cats are getting less canned food for now. They were leaving so much behind it seemed like a waste, so instead of 1/2 can (small fancy feast can) twice a day it is 1/3 can twice a day. It seems to be working a lot better that way - there is still some uneaten but it is a lot less. They have their grain-free crunchy food all day, so they can nibble if they are hungry. I am also giving them different flavors instead of all the same, so they can find a different one if they don't like it.

Oh, Trixie's surgery thread finally worked its way fully out. Which is good because it was a little freaky. Her belly fur is growing in good, though the funny thing is the black furs are growing back quicker then the white ones. She is still the smallest but not by much - she is shorter then Virgil for sure, but her head is a bit larger because she is well, just shaped differently - a lot rounder I guess. But it can still be tough to tell who is who if there is only a sitting kitty from the back. In the sun she even has the same subtle brown stripes that Virgil had at that age.

Barney is being smacky with everyone lately so I picked up some rescue remedy - it seems to help Lola be calmer (and she needs to be on it again too if you ask me) so I am hoping it will calm him too. But he is entering the terrible twos after all.

Speaking of that we are having a party for him on Monday 5/16, which is the day we picked for his birthday. We have a few different couples we know will be there - Barney and Gracie, Virgil has asked Danielle, Gus has asked Ozabella, who said yes so it will be their first date. Stella is hoping all her boycat friends will be there - she likes all of the boys who are interested in her which is why she couldn't pick just one to date. Trixie is too young to date still, and doesn't have any blogging male suitors (she does have Petey from even before moving in with us but he isnt a blogging kitty) and Kirzon and Lola are going to supervise. All our friends are invited - dog, cat, human, bunny, fish, whatever! So we hope we will see you there.

Wow, this has gotten long, so I guess I will end this for today. I hope that everyone has a good week!!

Oh, I forgot to add (I planned to just forgot) that I know a few people have asked us about Facebook and Twitter - well honestly we don't have either and at the moment I don't have a plan to sign up, because honestly I can't imagine trying to add more stuff to keep up with - the blog is a lot on it's own (and we all know how bad I get about visiting when it is busy). So at least for right now we don't have one - and honestly I don't have personal ones either (technically I have twitter but I posted once on it years ago and never went back after that) because I want to keep my info out there a bit more controlled than they do. But if we ever get one I will let you know!


Rene said...

Benny would be honored to come as Stella's friend to the party. :-) And we are glad there will be kitty supervision.

Tia said...

If Kirzon needs some ladycat company for that party, I'm happy to accompany him, but only if he doesn't get jealous when I make love eyes at other boys on different days... I'm not a faithful ladycat, but if he wants companion to milk and tuna that night (my human still says this should be wing and dine), I don't mind keeping him company, especially as he loves Mr Ducky so much! I'm glad Barney does too! Don't tell my human, but I dribbled on it to make sure the mancats over there would have a good smell of ladycat! Thinking back on it, the human says she thinks I was calling when I stole that out of the bag but she can't be sure and I'm not telling. That might be why they're so interested in it though... Either way, them's two mancats with some mighty fine taste in ladycats!

Oskar said...

It sounds like the party is going to be a blast! We're going to head over to your friends blog to show some support.

Nubbin wiggles,

ABBY said...

We are glad everyone is doing so well! And we have to tell you Twitter is wonderful. There isn't anything to keeping it up. It's just a easy way to stay in tune with things going on in real time. Mom should talk. She took out an account over a year ago and never used it, then she started seeing how many businesses and just plain people had Twit accts so she started following things of interest, including kitties who have Twit accts. You don't have to tweet you can just follow along, or tweet if you want to. Mom doesnt like FB because of all the security problems. Just read today that millions of accts have the possibility of being attacked because FB wasn't doing something correct with tokens. So as much as everyone is on FB, Mom said no way to FB!

>^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

The Island Cats said...

Thanks for the update! We can't wait for Barney's party!! It will be so much fun!!

Roy said...

I'm glad to be able to catch up all over, and I did enjoy the Blather here.

A comment about the social sites, if I may. Not the Forums or Message Boards ..... Just the FB, Twitter, and the other goofy places. I know lots of folks love the places, and a lot don't but go there so they can find old friends, classmates and family. Well, my family knows where I am on the forums, the web site and such, and the old friends that don't know where I am don't need to know anyhow or they would have already found me. School mates? Hey it's been 53 years and they haven't called, written, or whatever, so they don't need to know where I am anyhow.

What I'm sayin is, the Blogs are just right, add on a set of fourms for the web site, and a set for general conversation and time passing is fine.

Whatever. I walked away from FB, and I won't go back. The rest I deleted the links (I think I deleted the accounts too) I don't need them.

This is fine.

Company here on the Cat Blogs is good, and, even though it gets a little fuzzy every once in a while, we can live with the cat hair. No on is wanting to steal the bank account # and the passwords to the other accounts.

Y'all come see us when you can.

Later ......

BeadedTail said...

Thanks for all the updates! We can't wait for Barney's party!

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

We love birthday parties! We will be there! We send White Dog healing energy for the poor sick ones and hope that forever homes are found soon for the kitties.

Anakin Man said...

I agree!! I don't have facebook or twitter either-
who has time??

Blog is enough-

hot weather-
my AC not working when I turned it on yesterday >:-[
Puggies are smooshie faces and were soooo hot-
I had a guy finally come out today and it is the blower-
I am going to buy part for 180.00
and have help installing it-

TriXie says she is glad your TriXie's tread finally worked it's way out!

Ayla, Iza, and Marley said...

About the canned food. Are they wasting food because you dont want to save the extra in the fridge? I feed the cats 4 times a day (well, I'm, at home all day), but it seems to store well. I warm the cold leftovers in a container of hot tap water and they LOVE that. Just mentioning that...

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We LOVE yoor update posts! And we can't wait for the party!

Old Kitty said...

Hi Amy!! Me and Charlie have just been over at Chrystal's. We send her and her family lots of purrs and prayers during this awful time!!

Aww we look forward to gorgeous Barney's birthday!!! We love that Stella, Gus, Virgil and of course Barney will bring their dates along too!! Yay!! And Yay for wonderful Lola and Kirzon who will supervise!!

Glad to hear sweet Trixie's stitch has now gone and that her furrs are growing back!!!

Take care

Remington said...

Ozabella here -- thanks for the kiss Gustin -- here's one right back at you! *SMACK!* Did you get it?

Brian said...

Great update, gee, lots going on! Hmmmmm, a pawty! Sounds like fun to me!!!

Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

We will definitely come to your bloggy party! We can't wait! :D