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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Thoughts Thursday

Hi Everyone! So my plan for Wednesday didn't happen - not only was el jerko in but EVERYONE from that division was in because they had to do their lead testing (we manufacture batteries so we have to get tested every 6 months). I am so glad we did ours before the move because they had to use a new facility for it, and the guy they sent here to do it did a terrible job - everyone is at best bruised, some swollen from the ordeal. I didn't hear one person say he did a good job.

Ok, before I go any further, I have to announce Hugo is visiting with his first non-cat blogger! He is visiting with a quilt blogger! See since Millie's mom has both cat and quilt friends, he went to see the quilt friends this time - I think it is so cool he is expanding into other areas! If you want to go see him, he is at Me and My Quilts - Exploring the Possibilities! And before you say it, yes I have been just awful about keeping up with him on here - I am going to try to be better, I promise!

So the cats and I have a regular morning routine, and when it doesn't go the normal way it totally throws me off for the day. See, my alarm goes off and they all swarm in (Lola excluded of course since she has to sleep in her room at night). I lay there for a few minutes and they walk all over, then the boys leave and go into the bathroom. Then I get up and Stella jumps to where I was just laying, because she discovered that is the warm spot on the bed. When I go in the bathroom Barney is usually on the heating vent (blocking the heat), and either Gus or Kirzon is on the counter by the sink. They like it on but don't always drink from it. Then Virgil, who is the only one that usually hangs back, decides if he wants to come in - sometimes he does, sometimes he sits on the stool outside the door and waits. So I do my morning stuff, and while doing that prevent fights between the bathroom cats (Barney can be a bully sometimes) and tell them to get out of the shower (they love to open the door and go in there). Then I tell them it is breakfast time and we go out to the bedroom, and I tell Stella, who is usually playing and squirming on the bed it is time for breakfast (and I tell Virgil if he is on the stool) and we all go downstairs. Then I get my breakfast stuff going (oatmeal and tea - tea first). I put the tea in the microwave for 2 minutes, and during that time I get the cat food ready - they each get 1/2 a can of fancy feast - do they always eat it, no, but they have the option to eat it. Barney and Gus usually climb on the table, Stella plays, Virgil sits and waits, and Kirzon finds plastic to lick. Then I feed them, and the microwave dings (this is usually pretty close to right on time at least), and then Stella decides she doesn't want to eat, she wants to play, and Gus decideds he wants crunchies. By this time I am making my oatmeal, and then when that is done I get ice for both the tea and oatmeal so I can have it in a reasonable time (I don't like super hot stuff).  Virgil and Gus hope I drop a cube (I do sometimes but not always), and Stella is usually trying to get to the plants behind the sink, and so I get her down, go in the living room and have my breakfast. They all come visit and if Brad is still home he comes down to get ready to go. Gus then sits on his storage bin that he is in every day and wants attention, which he of course gets. Then I go upstairs, realize I forgot to grab Lola's food, go back and get it and go spend a couple minutes with her (by this time I am usually running late), then I get dressed, check the crunchies, and go. I do leave the food down for them - Kirzon always goes back and cleans up whatever anyone left. I usually put someone in charge (whoever I see when I am leaving - lately it has been Virgil).  So that is our typical morning - like I said when it is off, like someone isn't in their normal places or whatever, it throws my whole day off.

So we just got an email about the office - no coats on chairs (I am guessing that is because I keep my sweater there - which isn't my coat - so it is handy when I need it and well, I am just bad like that), no parking in the close spots, and no hanging our awards plaques - from the company by the way - because they don't want to think about that stuff til we are settled. My first question is what the hell is there left to settle?

Ok, so this weekend is the big trek to get Tuxie - soon to be Trixie - and I am so excited about that. I know it will be just great to have her here with us! I didn't get nearly as much done at home as I wanted to but hopefully that will get done sooner then later. But her isolation room - aka the bedroom - is ready and that is the important part. I am off on Monday to take her up to the vets, because since she is older I wanted to talk to them about her spay surgery sooner than later. Not that it would be a big issue or anything with our neutered boys, but it would still be easier to get done as soon as possible.

Anyway, I am hoping to get caught up with visits over the next couple of days, and I will hopefully be able to stop by and say hi to everyone soon - I am sticking with the alphabetical for the most part, because that seemed to work out pretty well. I just hope no jerks come in and of course by the time I go home I have a headache, and this week a lot of preping to do, so I won't have time them, but I will try to see everyone by Monday!! I am not sure if I will get a post up tomorrow or Saturday, but I will work on at least getting some pics. After Saturday I will have the pick from us going to get Trixie! Yay!!

Edited to add: Ok, I just heard from the other girl in our division that she heard from her manager that we are getting a timeclock for the girls in the office. And that would be fine, but it sounds like we are going to be REQUIRED to take our full lunch hour - so that means an hour of torture in the lunch room (I take 15 mintues but never claim the time), or leaving and ending up spending a lot more money on gas and food, especially if the price hikes they keep talking about on the news are going to happen. I really really hate it here.


Anonymous said...

I luved reading all abouts your morning routine. Ours is something like that, too. And believes me, it totally throws me off when mom is late getting me my breakfast! OH! And the other day when she let me outside like she normally does after breakfast, SHE FORGOT ABOUT ME! I was out there for, like, 8700 hours. SHE says it was only 20 minutes but I don't believe her.

Anyways, I'm super duper excited abouts Trixie. I can hardly wait to see pictures and hear all about her!

So what do they do to you if you leaves your "coat" on your chair? Do you get demerits or something?

Wiggles & Wags,

Sagira said...

It sounds to me like your managers have WAY too much time on their hands to be worried about dumb stuff like a coat on a chair. really? Give me a break. Have you tried looking other places to work? That sounds awful! They need to take the "FISH" class about having fun in the work place.

Katnip Lounge said...

I just about died laughing at your morning routine! I go through a ton of shenanigans every morning, too. The joys of a Horde of Cats and their purrsonalities...

Somebody at your workplace needs to go postal up in the management area. Srsly.

JC said...

Your morning routines sounds purrfect to me. I one with my gang too. Sorry your job is so bad. How exciting about your new Purr Ball.

Old Kitty said...

I love your morning breakfast routine with your wonderful kitties!! Stella is just so playful and the boys are just amazing and gorgeous Lola is keeping well out of it all!! LOL!!! How lovely!! What a great morning! It's a shame that you have to get to your awful work though. I think your employers ultimate goal is mind control and brainwashing. Yuck!!! They sound ever so mean!!! :-(

Awwww Yay for Trixie!!!! That's such exciting news!!!! It'll be so fabulous to see her in your blog very very soon!!

hugs to Hugo!!! Take care

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

can't wait to see Trixie! Or should I say can't wait to MEET Trixie!

Brian said...

You sure have an "interesting" work place! Hey, I can't wait to see Trixie...and I must go see my pal Hugo!

ABBY said...

Oh your Morning routine reminds me of my manxmnews group! Abby,Boo,Jinx all jump up on the counter for breakfast and pace back and forth and Jinx headbonks me the entire time. Gracie is normally sitting in the bar stool by the counter and Ping is happy to wait. IT's that way for breakfast and dinner every day.

OH we hope things improve for you on the job!


BeadedTail said...

It was fun reading about your morning routine! It's a law that kitties must be in the bathroom with you at all times! We can't wait to hear about Trixie fitting into your House of Cats!

Natalie said...

No coats on your chairs? Wtf? Do they not have anything better to worry about? Ridiculous. (I am sitting here in righteous anger on your behalf! :)

Your morning routine sounds fun and busy! I know what you mean about getting thrown off if the cats aren't in the right places: Scarlett and Melly almost always hang out in the bathroom with me while I'm showering and getting ready, and on the rare occasions when they don't it completely throws me off. Probably partially because then I have to talk to myself like a crazy person instead of to them!

Au and Target said...

Your work place sounds awful, thank goodness for the kitties, right? Thanks for the purrs. Au ate again so we're hoping he's on an upswing. We really appreciate your support. And hope you get a better job!

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Wow! We are breathless just reading all that is going on! Your morning routine would make a hysterical video that all of us could relate to on one level or another! We are so excited about your Trixie trip...and don't worry about the preps undone...she will make her own way and the others will train her. Safe travels there and back and a wonderful introduction weekend for all.

Dog Foster Mom said...

I love how you leave someone in charge each day while you're gone - that's great! I hope Virgil has been doing a good job with it and not being too bossy.

Sorry to hear about work - that's rough!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Dear sweet Amy, I so wish you could get a new job that you really enjoyed. Life is so short and it seems so unfair to be spending so much time in a place that you hate. Milo and Alfie are going to PURR for a change of luck for you.

We all enjoyed reading about your morning routine. We love it that Barney hogs the heat vent! MOL!

Love Jan x

The Misadventures Of Me said...

We kittehs here are not morning kittehs - we sleep while every furry bean is getting up. MOL

Debra Taylor said...

Sounds like you have a really fun morning ritual! It's amazing how two of my inside cats want to do the same things at the same times of the day every day.

Be well!


Homeless Cat Care

the booker man said...

miss amy,

thankies for sharin' your mornin' routine! i giggled about which kitties like to go into the bathroom cuz me 'n asa do that, too! asa likes to go in and hang out in front of the space heater and stare down mama for breakfast. then i like to go in there when mama is dryin' her hair cuz when she flips over i can sneak attack her with gooey nose kisses!!
your manager peeps at work sound really really really lame-o! any chance you could find a new place to work so you don't have to put up with their ridiculousness?

the booker man

Ayla, Iza, and Marley said...

Is the camera all broked?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is an amazing morning routine! We can't wait to meet Trixie!

Anonymous said...

What a great morning routine! It made us laugh!