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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Contest!!

Hi Everyone! Today I am starting the contest I talked about from our friends at Taste of the Wild. Like I have said before, it is one of our favorite dry foods at our house and they have a new flavor for the kitties out there - and they make tasty stuff for the dogs too!  I had to think of a good way to do the giveaway - and I finally thought of something! I have posted 6 pictures below - they are cropped pics of the HoC kitties - you just have to name them! Now, since I am a fair person, I want to give you a little time to think about it (and with this being a super busy weekend because of the big event - the Puppy Bowl - I am sure you will be busy - oh, and there is some football game on too I think). So the contest will run through one of my favorite holidays - Lincoln Day (that is 2/12 if you didn't know).  I also thought this would be a nice happy thing for today - see today is the wow, 17th anniversary of when my mom passed away.  I can't believe it has been that long. But since I want this to be a happy day, I thought it would be good to do a fun thing. So what you have to do is post a comment here with your guesses of who is the owner of which part (and I am saying part because I haven't figured out what I am going to use yet - I have to get the pictures together still - I am doing the typing first). Then on 2/12 the contest will close (or really it will be sometime on 2/13 - whenever I get up that day I will cut off comments, so be sure to post before midnight on 2/12 to be safe), and then on 2/13 I will take everyone who gets the right answers and number them in the order they answered (so if you are the first with the right answer you are number one, then the next person with the right answer, even if it is comment 10, would be number 2 - does that make sense - I hope so), and then I will use one of the internet random number thingies to pick the winner. Why am I not just taking all comments and picking one - well that is no fun! And I am sure some of you will look at others answers - and you know what I am cool with that. Because you might be using wrong answers - you never know! I will post the winner and answers on Monday 2/14 along with the list of people and their numbers they were assigned, and even try to get a shot of the screen with the number picked on it. I would ask the cats to help and pick one but well, they would probably just eat the paper.

Oh hey, have I told you what you could win? Well, it is awesome - the prize is (direct from the email I got about it):

Three sample bags of the new dry formula, a $30 gift card to HarlosHealthyPets.com and a Bergan TurboScratcher Cat Toy. Perhaps you have some dog owners who follow your blog, too – in which case we can give them three sample bags of the new dry formula; six samples of Bright Bites Daily Dental Treats; $30 gift card to DoggieFood.com and a set of Outward Hound Fold-N-Go Port-A-Bowls.

So, get your thinking caps on - and let me know who is who in these pictures (I am only using pics that were previously on the blog so that could help you find the answers - although we have been blogging for almost 3 years now so there are a lot to go through!)

Good luck everyone!!

(Oh, and I finally decided to use the cat's eyes - I am hoping that if they are all the same part that it won't be too tough!)






Sorry for the eye goo on this one, but maybe that will help you figure it out!

Oh, and if for some reason no one gets all of them then I will go by who gets the most right and pick from those. And if only one person is right well, the random number generator will have a very easy time of it won't they!


ABBY said...

Oh Mom likes to play these kind of things...she's probably wrong but here is our guesses...

Have a great weekend


d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

How exciting!! Too bad I can't enter, but good luck to the winner!

Cat said...

I think it's Gus, Lola, Stella, Virgil, Kirzon and Barney. That was fun!!!

Stella said...

We are not so hot at games at our house but we want to wish everyone good lucks in the winning!

Stella and Ali Zkhat

Old Kitty said...

Oooh we can't enter but me and Charlie are playing for fun!!!

Gus, Lola, Stella, Kirzon, Virgil and Barney! LOL!!

Yay!! What a fun contest, good luck everyone!! Take care

Sagira said...

Oh my gosh, what a nice prize to give away. Thanks for doing this, it was fun flipping through all the photos. 2 and 3 were tough.

But here is our guess:

1. Gus 2. Lola 3. Stella 4. Virgil 5. Kirzon and 6. Barney

momsbusy said...

here are our guesses! 1 is gus, 2 is lola, 3 is stella, 4 is virgil, 5 is kirzon, and 6 is barney.

kazoku neko

Ayla, Iza, and Marley said...

We will definitely be examining pictures carefully fer a few days...

Marg said...

Here are our thoughts.

Great contest. Hope you have a super week end.

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

This was hard! When you only see the eyes you all look a lot like each other. Anyway here is my guess. I didn't peek at anyone else's guesses.
1. Gus
2. Lola
3. Stella
4. Kirzon
5. Virgil
6. My Sweet Adorable Honey Barney!!!

Fun contest!!! Thanks.
Are you plowed out yet from the storm? We had more snow today. It was pretty. Just a gentle big flake type storm. We were to get a little snow about one inch but went way over that by a few extra inches. The dad had to plow again.

Luna T. Katt said...

1 Gus
2 Lola
3 Stella
4 Virgil
5 Kirzon
6 Barney


Rene said...

Here are our guesses:
1. Gus
2. Lola
3. Stella
4. Virgil
5. Kirzon
6. Barney

We're not quite sure on 4 and 5, but it's fun to play anyway!

Honeygo Beasley said...

Welcome back - this looks like a fun contest. How creative!!!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a khlever khontest!

Of khourse, I'd want to choose the Khat Flavoured TOTW!

Best of lukhk to all your entrants!


Danielle said...

Well, I could pick out my sweetie Virgil from the start, but we'll see if I'm right or not!

Anyway, here we go:

1. Gus
2. Lola
3. Stella
4. Virg
5. Kirzon
6. Barney

Tia said...

hi Amy

unfortunately, I can't enter this contest on accounta the human's eyes being too broken to look at the pictures, but we wish everyone luck anyway! My human has ordered the toys we promised you on our 100th post last week too. It's only taken her a gajillion years to do it! Any chance we could swap addresses by email so that we can get this thing rolling? Head bumpies to you all!

TheWilsonZoo said...

Here's what we think:
1. Gus
2. Lola
3. Stells
4. Virgil
5. Kirzon
6. Barney

Paws crossed!

The Kitties of The Wilson Crew
(The doggies can just s-u-f-f-e-r! If we win, the prize is for the kitties!!! :-P...)

Cara n Crew said...

Good contest! Here's our try:
1. Gus
2. Lola
3. Stella
4. Virgil
5. Kirzon
6. Barney

Pip, Smidgen,Minnie, and Hollie

Us4 Cats said...

This is a cute & fun contest :}
our entry guess is:

1)Gus 2)Lola 3)Stella 4)Virgil
5)Kirzon and 6)Barney .

-us4 cats crew

Natalie said...

1. Gus
2. Lola
3. Stella
4. Virgil
5. Kirzon
6. Barney

This is tricky! Especially 4 & 5.

meowmeowmans said...

How fun! We are guessing:


Have a great weekend, dear friends!

Oh, by the way ... we gave you guys an award! Please stop by and pick it up when you have a chance, okay? :)