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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hi Everyone! Sorry I haven't been by - and probably wont be for a few days. See, I am STILL getting the Christmas stuff up - it is taking a lot longer than I planned because the outside stuff is taking a while because of the weather (it snowed the first day I put up then dropped to SUPER cold, then yesterday was the first nice day and it had snowed again). I FINALLY got all the exterior stuff done - I got some video last night but need to take a look and see it - I may try for more photos tonight (it is supposed to snow again, but last year I took the pics in the snow, so that won't stop me). I still have to do most of the inside stuff - the tree is still not decorated other than lights, so I will do that today and tomorrow. 

I got my packages sent, but haven't gotten any cards done - but they will be done to go out on Monday (I really hope!!) And of course based on my history that is totally not true - but I will be at least getting the ones that have farther to go done! Oh, and actually I kinda lied about the packages - I do have one special one that I can't talk about but lets just say it is a surprise for someone out there (and actually that is also a lie, because I just remembered one more I have to send). I would love to send a special surprise to everyone, but of course I would need a lottery for that (but if that happens all our blog friends will be on our special surprise list - of course you are more likely to be killed being crushed by a vending machine then to win the lottery, so I don't see it happening any time soon!)

Barney is feeling better (yay!!) We went to the vet yesterday morning - he screamed like a banshee all the way there.  The good thing is that I finally got new tires so I could do faster than 45 mph and take the, hm, I am not sure what you call it - it isn't really a highway, but it is a road that is fast like one. That made the trip quicker so it was easier on him. His ears aren't infected but they are red, so it is good we got in before it got bad. He has ear drops - he got his first dose last night and wasn't a fan, but he got treats so I think it will be ok.  He was better on the drive but I think he had a little bit of a tummy ache or something because when he was mewoing it was more of an I don't feel good meow, but by the time we got home he was ok and ate his breakfast with no problems (I never feed them breakfast til after a vet trip - not just the traveler but everyone - just to avoid accidents and car sickness - I think that is how they always know someone is going because I usually feed them first thing).  There were no actual accidents in the carrier so I think it was maybe a bit of car sickness (and since I get it easily I can sympathize with that).

Oh, our friend Tia, from Cuddles and Catnip, who we had as a Friday Friend yesterday is quite sick so please send her some purrs and woofs. Her mom is sick too - all three (Tia, her mom and Molly the assistance dog) have had the same thing for a while, and it almost seems they keep passing it around. They will be apart while Tia's mom is on vacation, so hopefully the separation will help it get cleared up. I feel so bad that all of them keep getting so sick - if you could stop by with some good thoughts that would be great - they can be found HERE!

Ok I have to go get to work on decorating (I seriously overslept today), but before I do I have to tell a funny  non-cat story. So I took a day off work yesterday, and it was also garbage day. We have doors that you have to unlock to get in but you can open them inside without unlocking them. If you don't think about it you get locked out. So Brad got up to take out the garbage and go to work, and got himself locked out of the house! Now, luckily it was warmer yesterday, but it was still below freezing. He can get into the garage easily because we have an opener on the outside. But of course knowing I was off, and trying to be sweet, he didn't bother to try and call me (he had his cell phone with him) he just waited. For 2 1/2 hours. So at about 8:30 I get up and at 9:05 I hear knocking at the door - I had noticed that Brad's car was still here but thought he was upstairs sleeping - and I never answer the door if I am not expecting someone (It is hard to see who is out there with houw our door is - you see figures but can't tell who it is). So I didn't answer, and about 10 minutes later I still see someone out there - and thinking Brad is upstairs I call him and discover that he is outside - I hadn't noticed that the little light that shows the garage is open was on, so I get him and discover he was the one at the door. So he was late to leave (he called in sick for the morning anyway because he got home from work at almost 10 last night) and cold. We really need a hide-a-key in the garage because this has happened to me too - luckily in the garage, with the deadbolt open, so I was able to get in by well, breaking in.). Ok, that is all for now - I will try to get the exterior video up, and if I can, I tried to get some video of the cool houses that we like to drive by every year, so if that looks good I will post that too!

Everyone have a great weekend and early week if I don't get by!!


Aniemother said...

Have a great weekend and don't stress ;)

Old Kitty said...

Oh poor Brad!! Awww glad he got inside eventually!! :-)

Hugs to Barney!! I hope his ear meds clear up the infection asap - he did so well and hope he enjoys his extra treats!

Good luck getting all your packages and cards sent - time is really flying!!

Me and Charlie will pop over to Cuddles and Catnip to leave some purrs for everyone there! Take care

Tia said...

Hi there, Amy. Thanks so much for featuring us on your blog, and for letting people know poor Tia is still unwell.It's so lovely to know that others are thinking of us at a hard time like this.

Carly, tia's human.

Katnip Lounge said...

Holy Cats! Never a dull moment at your house.
Your husband is SRSLY sweet to let you sleep in...he deserves a medal!

Sagira said...

Wow, sounds like you sure have been busy.

We haven't gotten our cards out either. EEK! Mom hates running so behind, but plans to try to get them done tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

Glad Barney is feeling better. :)

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Thanks fur the updates on all fronts!

We hope woo will be staying warm and stuff!

Good lukhk with getting evFURRYthing akhkhomplished!


The Creek Cats said...

Hope ya'll have an easy Sunday today!

Carolyon said...

Sounds like you guys have been real busy! Purrs of Barney!

Ayla and Iza, said...

Wow! We hope today was a lot less stressful and evryone is feelin better...

ABBY said...

Awww so sorry to hear Brad got himself locked out.

Hope Barney is doing better.

And boy it does sound like you have a lot to accomplish in a very short time!

We've just left our purrs for Tia.


Anonymous said...

Poor Brad! I have locked my hubby in the cat shelter thinking he was in the the house. He had to cut his way out thru the screen!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Poor Brad! It was above and beyond the call of duty to wait for TWO AND A HALF HOURS in the garage! MOL!

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

Hey are you all nice and warm at your place? The cold is sooooooo cold outside here and I know you arehaving the same weather as we have had. We were hit by the same snow as you all. First measurable snow with lots of blowing. The dad went into work today and said the roads out here in the country are really bad so the mom is staying inside. I like that! Keeps me company. Looks like you are working hard on the Christmas getting ready stuff. Good luck with that! Sure is lots to do.
Love to all at your place.

Marg said...

You sound like you are as busy as I am. Glad to hear that Barney is better.
Hugo arrived at our house of many many cats, dogs, donkeys and a goat. He is just fine. He is so cute and so little.
Amy, I don't have any dog tags or anything that represents where we live. Maybe I can find something.
It was very exciting to have Hugo arrive.
He is watching TV right now. Is there anything special he should eat??
Hope things ease up for you soon.