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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Help Jake and Fergie help other doggies!

Hi Everyone - this is just a quick request for you to go over to our friends Jake and Fergie's blog Two Special Wires to help them win a big pile of toys, which they will then donate to doggies in shelters who don't have any. There is a link in their sidebar and when you click it to go to the site it counts you as coming from their blog - the most referals wins. And the cool thing is that there is a contest you can enter yourself too! But you have to go to the site from their blog so it comes up as the refering site! So go - do it!! The post that we linked to talks about it and there is also an explination on the website if you click the link at the bottom about having a blog. We think it is great so we aren't going to link ourselves - we want to try and get everyone to go through Jake and Fergie instead so their count goes up (instead of spreading it around). So if you want to help too, please send your friends to Jake and Fergies to click the link from there!!


TwoSpecialWires said...

Thank you thank you thank you Amy and Your House of Cats. There is nothing that we'd like more than to win a BigPile of Toys and then be able to give them to some doggies that could really use (and love!) them. Like lots of families, we're sorta short on green papers this year, so this would be EXTRA SPECIAL.

BTW. We hope you know that we know that YOU were one of the families that awarded us the LongAgoAward that we've never posted about ... the one that made Moma think of Fergi ... and the toy ... and the company that made it ... which led to the contest. So. Thanks AGAIN. It's 'cause of you that we have our paws crossed!

Hope your holiday preparations are going swimingly!
(or maybe that's not a good thing for a house of kitties!)
Jake and Fergi

Angie, Catladyland/Katt Food said...

Cool! Heading over now :)

p.s. Stop by Catladyland today to qualify for the cat treat giveaway! Yummy!!!

Random Felines said...

Just clicked through...good luck!

Marg said...

We went over and visited Jake and joined up. That looks like a special deal. Thanks for telling us about that. Take care.

Old Kitty said...

Me and Charlie did it!! GOOD LUCK Jake and Fergie!! Take care

Au and Target said...

Gone over to click!

Mr. Pip said...

Cool! Headed over there now!

Your pal, PIP

Sagira said...

Will head that way now. :)

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Thanks for supporting this cool endeavor! Wouldn't it be just the best ever if Jake and Fergie win and CAN play Santa to all those needy pups?

Chester & Mickey said...

We're on our way.