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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I miss you all so much!

So I am now in my third week of having no ability to visit from work, and I can't tell you how depressed it has me that I can't visit my friends easily. On top of that I went to check my email for the holiday card exchange and guess what - it was empty. Like ZERO emails - boy I was sad, til I realized it was because the form was set up wrong and it wasn't forwarding the emails. So if you want to exchange cards PLEASE resend me your info. I am going to set up a list of everyone as a page (with a tab at the top). I am also going to send to people I sent to last year - my question to everyone is do I send cards to those who aren't blogging anymore or would that be weird? 

I am trying to get some visiting in today. I am so behind it is just awful - I know about the whole blogging without obligation thing but this isn't obligation, this is just missing my friends! And with the stupid headaches I have been getting (between weather and stress it sucks) and trying to get ready for Thanksgiving it is just so tough! Plus my house is just not really set up well for being on the computer - ever since we got the new couches it has been tough, but at least I could visit from work before. Now it just sucks. Can I tell you how clean and defragmented my hard drive at work is - BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING TO DO AND GET SO BORED I DO DISK CLEAN UP AND DEFRAGMENT EVERY DAY!!  I have paint, and Microsoft Office, and that is it. I can look at some sites, I have looked at my compaines sites a million times and I can get to parts of the paper - but anything interesting or fun (blogs, email, shopping, even today in the Tribune I tried to click on the Eva Longoria divorce story and got blocked) and I get the big "YOUR COMPANY INTERNET POLICY PROHIBITS YOU LOOKING AT THIS SITE" message. Oh, and the girl I work with who has full internet now - well she is about to loose it because her hard drive crashed yesterday and needs to be replaced. And they will block the same way on her machine. I couldn't even participate in our companies online meeting because of it (I told them, they didn't care).

Ok, so enough whining about me. The cats are doing good. Kirzon is on his medicine for his mouth and got a shot to keep him from having any allergy issues with it, and both the medicine and the shot seem to be working. Virgil is being his usual self - he is walking around yelling a lot and wanting to play, and he chases Lola any time she comes out of her room. Lola is good but I wish she would come out more. Barney is well, Barney - he is having some eye issues - they had gotten better but are bad again (I realize they get mucky around the times I get headaches so both must be weather related).  Gus and Stella are super cute as always. I have a bunch of videos I have taken - some of me trying to get Gus's meow on tape, others that I just took. I posted them all below - it is a lot but well, I feel bad that I have not been visiting/blogging like before (and yes, I still know about BWO but seriously, I feel guilty if I look at a stuffed animal in the store and then don't buy it, so just understand I am a bit mental).  I hope you all like them - I decided that even though I sound like a babbling idiot, and even though there are some weird stomach gurgling noises from me in the background, well, I would just post them anyway. 

Sorry I am so depressing with the blog/visiting/computer talk lately - it just makes me really sad to not see all of you much anymore!!

Oh, and before I forget, I just did our Santa Paws donation from the commentathon! We donated $50 cash, a $20 cat gift bag and a $20 dog gift bag! Thanks so much for commenting and helping all the cats and dogs again this year!!

Ok, now here are a bunch of videos!


cats of wildcat woods said...

Sorry you are having such a tough time! Take care of yourself too. Great videos! Thanks so much for donating to the Santa Paws drive!

Angel and Kirby said...

We miss you too. Are we on your list from last year? Was Shadow? I know they would love to get a card as would we.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we miss you, too!!! Stupid work peoples keeping you from visiting us. Grrrrrrr!

I liked those movies. That was so very much funny that Barney sat on Stella so he could have her spot. And I think maybe we oughta gets our kittehs a ladder. It looked like Gus and Stella were having the bestest time up there!

Wiggles & Wags,

Gracie =^o.o^= and Minnie said...

Arghhhhhh! That I what I think about your mom's workplace. I think she need to just find another job. Yes, that is what she should do.OK, I'm kissing. Love the videos.

Mr. Pip said...

Love the videos! We miss you, too!

Your pal, Pip

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We send our best!

AND thought of woo on Tuesday when we saw the sign fur Downer's Grove!

It feels odd to us to not be able to khomment on blogs -

We so hope evFURRYone understands but it is more special to play with my pals I drove 1208 miles to see!

KhonKHats on your grand total!


Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We LOVE all the videos ~ and it was great to see so much of Barney. We love all the cats ~ but Barney has an extra special place in our hearts 'cos he runs NKC wiv yoor help.

Sorry abowt all the annoyances at werk ~ it must drive yoo nuts. And mom said there is nuffin worse than being bored at work, 'cos it makes time drag. It would be far better to allow yoo to blog and be a happy werker!

The donations ROCK! Fanks.

Old Kitty said...

Oh Amy!! I just filled in the form to exchange cards! Yay!! That'll be so much fun cos it's my and Charlie's first blogging x-mas!!

I am so so so sorry about your evil work policy about computer use. They just sound so backward!! Sorry. But they do!! Big big hugs!

Oh lovely to hear about Lola, Virgil, Kirzon, Barney, Gus and Stella! Aww we hope Lola would come out more too!! She's lovely! and we hope Barney's eyes continue to get better!

I'll watch your fab clips when I get home (my work may be very generous about net time but there are limits too!).

Take care and ignore work adversity!!! We'll always be here for you!!!

Kea said...

Yay for the Santa Paws donations; that's great!

If they blocked me here at work, I'd never get any blogging done. Seriously. Pretty crummy for you. If you have your work done, I don't see why you can't entertain yourself, but I suppose there are those who would let the work slide in favour of web surfing all day. Then everyone pays the price!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are having a rough time! We feel so bad for you--mama would be comatose if she didn't have her internet. This all has to pass soon!

Furkidsmom said...

Everything always happens at once! We will resend our info for the card exchange. We have a link on our bloggie too.

A special visitor has arrived at our house and will be on our blog tomorrow! Please stop by and say hi!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Brian said...

Yep, that stinks...our humans run into that too, seems it is happening more and more places. Great videos! We miss you too!!!

Remington said...

Sorry things aren't going well for you.... Ozabella has the snorts again and is on meds. But she says to tell Gustin "HI!".

Sagira said...

Aww...we miss you as well. Seems weird not having you around as much as normal.

That was such a wonderful donation. Thanks again for doing that.

Old Kitty said...

Awww I just watched the clips - thank you!!! "Don't smell her butt on camera!" - cracked me up!! LOL!!

Gus and Stella are so grown!!!

Great to see Barney and Kirzon and Virgil too!! :-) Take care

ABBY said...

I understand exactly how you feel. In one office I was in, we were blocked from the internet totally. Like you the only site we could see was our own internal site. IT was awful. Then I finally got access in another department. They blocked social networking sites like FB, but blogger wasn't considered (to them) a social networking site. So, I was fortunate in that. But I so understand your frustration. We miss hearing from you! We did sign up for your exchange when you first put it up and we just did it a second time today. I think sending christmas greetings is great, even if those bloggers aren't blogging anymore. Maybe it will spur them to blog! Glad the kitties are doing well and we loved the videos.


Kea said...

Amy, do you have an email we can contact you at? We have the winner of the bicycle chain bracelet, says it was donated by House of Cats, so presume that's you! If not, let us know. You can reach the mom at keas.fuzzy.tales@gmail.com. Thanks!

Au and Target said...

Amy, this post is so interesting, that I'm going to send you email!

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

You are all so important to us! Don't stress out and lose the wonder and beauty of your family's daily life. We miss you, too. Thanks for sharing the videos and the antics and even the difficulties...feel us all here whether you have computer access or not.

Katnip Lounge said...

We miss you too. Your jobbie bigwigs are poopyheads!
Above all, don't stress, read our blogs when you can for enjoyment, and enjoy your furbabies.
They are all silly kitties!

Rene said...

Videos! We enjoyed them very much. It was nice to see Gus and Stella together so we could see how much bigger Gus is! Barney is such a goof sitting on Stella like that, but she didn't seem too upset about it.

Cat said...

Hi Amy!!!!! Sorry I didn't get to comment last night. I loved all your videos, especially Stella and Gus on the ladder...too cute :-)

We have missed you so much, such a drag that you can't visit at work. Try not to get too upset about it and focus on positive things instead. We'll still be here whenever you get around to visiting :-)