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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thanks Everyone!

Hi All - I had to thank everyone for all the wonderful gotcha day wishes for Virgil yesterday! It is so great to know we have so many wonderful friends! It really made my Monday a lot brighter!! We didn't do too much exciting - I did give them treats, and we had ordered some cool treat balls from Baby Patches that they got to play with. YOu put the treats in the ball and they come out when you roll them. They didn't figure it out too quickly but I think they may finally be catching on.

So Lola is still up in her room - she is doing ok but in the morning she bangs on the door to come out - I think because it is breakfast time. I have a light on there for her at all times (during the day I turn it off if it is sunny, but if it is cloudy like today it stays on). She doesn't like it in there when it is dark (though it isn't too dark because there is a clock that lights up and a window) and that is when she will stand and meow. The other cats really want to get in there so sometimes I hear them pounding on the door - I am sure she just laughs at them like "ha ha you can't get in". She has been using the litter box (yay) and eating and drinking. And sleeping, which is her favorite thing. I am going to take a "da bird" in there and see if she will play now that the others are not around.

Then there is Kirzon. He started out taking his pill in the pill pockets fine, but by Saturday that wasn't working. I have tried grinding it and adding it to food, to baby food - he fell for that once. Then nope. I tried to syringe him with the baby food mixture - he spit most of it back out. There are only 4 pills left but the last two he got maybe half of because he doesn't want to take it. I am going to try the pill pocket again (maybe he forgot by now) otherwise I will just have to directly pill him. I got a pill shooter thing but it makes me nervous to use it, because the pill seems kinda big.

The youngest three are doing good - playing and just being silly. But I have caught Stella up on the railing a few times - at the top of the stairs, which makes me nervous. If the railing was wider I wouldn't worry as much but it is pretty narrow for any cat to try and stand on. I am hoping she will stop because she does get in trouble when she does it. Other than that they are doing good - we have our next appointment for shots on Saturday.

And lets see we have another big thing coming up that day - it is our 2 year blogoversary! I have already done the post for that day, so hopefully you will stop by and say hi!!

Well, I guess that is it for now - I will try for some cute pics later on!

Edit: I totally forgot to post about the litter box. What I did was get two inexpensive ones that are the same size, drill holes in the bottom of one (and make sure they would drain, so no lip around the holes - when you poke holes in plastic that can be a problem, so I went around them with an xacto knife to make sure they were level) then use a cooling rack to separate the two pans - it is very low so it works great. I put shredded paper in the top (good for using but not going to go through the holes like litter would - I made pretty big holes to be sure it would go through, because small holes would have had a problem from the surface tension of the pee). So then when it was time I put Lola in isolation and luckily she used it right away so she was out quickly. It had to be within 12 hours of the visit so it was about 12:30 am when I put her in there. With her issues the paper seemed like a great appealing option - I was amazed she hadn't peed on it while it was waiting to go out to the recycling bin. Then I just used a syringe thing to suck it up and put it in a baggie for transport (and then another baggie to be safe). The nice thing is it can be reused - just clean it out and you are ready for next time! And if you ever need a box on short notice you can use the bottom one and just replace it if needed.


Rene said...

We hope that Kirzon will be a good boy and finish his pills. Have you tried crushing and putting inside some fishy Fancy Feast? We don't usually feed FF but it's good in a pinch like that. Purrs to everyone else!

Marg said...

Glad to hear that Lola is doing better.
I have a little suggestion for the pill for Kirzon for you to try. It probably won't work but it is worth a try.
Try scruffing him gently with one hand and slowly and gently pull his head back as far as you can and hopefully he will open his mouth, at which point drop that pill aiming for his throat and see if he will swallow it. Don't throw it, just drop it. This has worked for me once in a while. You probably have already tried this. Good luck.
Have a great day.

Lynx217 said...

If you're worried about the pill shooter and the size of the pill (if the vet says it's ok), split the pill and THEN shoot it. Yes you'll do it more, but if you're quick, it'll be ok. I have had to do that before. The Baytril that Nimbus was on (until I found out how dangerous it is) is huge, and it HAS to be split in half to get it down the throat (though it's SUPPOSEDLY chewable). It'll work out in the end!

Katnip Lounge said...

The pee-collection litterbox is an awesome idea! Gonna file this away for future referance...

MomKat Trish

Old Kitty said...

Oh wow!! that's really clever with how you got Lola's urine sample. It's a much better method than what the stuff the vet gave me. My Ol Girl was so aware something was up but this way she wouldn't have known! So thank you for that useful info.

Awwww me and Charlie loved Virgil's Gotcha Day!! He really is adorable and deserved a very special day.

Hugs to Lola! Sounds like she's getting through her stress. Good for her. Good luck with "Da Bird" - oh I do hope she plays!

I'm so sorry to hear about Kirzon. My goodness he is a clever kitty! He knows all the tricks of where pills get hidden. Oh good luck pilling him - it's his last ones too. Oh dear. I always find that pilling cats one of the most stressful things to do for them. I mean I'd collect samples and wash and clean after them and do all sorts for them, but pilling. Oh my goodness!!

SO GOOD LUCK AMY!!! I do empathise and wish you all the best for Kirzon.

Oh my goodness - little Stella!! Oh that is scary!! What an adventurer. My goodness - she's a little spitfire!

Purrs and hugs to all at the House of Cats. Me and Charlie look forward to your blogoversary!

Take care

Sagira said...

2 year blogoversary? Wow...congrats.

Brian said...

Wow, y'all have sure been busy...we send our purrs to all of you and hope that Kirzon will be good for his pills and that Lola will calm down...and tell Stella to watch her step!

Angel and Kirby said...

Glad Lola is settling in in her one room!

Natalie said...

Glad to hear that Lola is doing better, but sorry to hear about Kirzon's issues :(

The pee collection idea is great! I wondered what you'd come up with when you mentioned it before - very clever.

Jacqueline said...

My girls are very hard to pill as well...They are very smart about it and sometimes refuse pill pockets with the pill but will eat them with nothing in them...Glad Lola is doing well...xo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki