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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quick Kirzon Update

So I decided to bump up Kirzon's appointment because he was rubbing his mouth a lot and had started to drool (the pillow he slept on was gross). So we headed up with him this morning and boy, what a trip. Because of the nasty storms last night it was almost impossible to get there - the vet is in Elmhurst, and Elmhurst got hit with a LOT of flooding. Luckily I grew up there so I was able to get us there, but it took a lot longer. And poor Kirzon was grumbling in the carrier - usually he isn't too bad. When we did get there he didn't want to be there at all and hid under a chair. And when the vet tried to check his mouth he really fought it, which he never does. His gums are bad again (he loves to rub on things, especially with his mouth - even on gross things like the shower door - ick). So his gums aren't looking good but his teeth are ok, so that is good because that means no toot cleaning needed. We are going to try pills to make him feel better this time. And while we were there I got some awesome pics from Kelly of the kittens as babies - so cool! She said that Cosmo (who was Han, the other little orange guy) is finally really showing he is a boy (if you get my meaning) and Louise is totally the queen of the house. It is good to get updates on Gus and Stellas siblings!

So our trip home was not too bad - we took the expressway - luckily we were able to get on because just east of the entrance the road was closed in both directions from flooding - the traffic going the other way was worse than I have ever seen. But we made it home and have been waiting for the next round of storms - fun!

Anyway, I hadn't planned to post, but with the vet change I wanted to update. Because Kirzon has to go back in 2 weeks, we bumped the kittens final shots so they can all go together (instead of having to head up there 3 weeks in a row). Kirzon will need a booster if he is doing better but they are waiting for now. The good news on him is that although his mouth is hurting, he is still eating because he hasn't lost any weight - he is right at 10 lbs, where he should be.

Tomorrow will be a repeat of the post I did last year about my mom. I will be back to visiting on Monday. I hope that everyone is having a good weekend!!


Rene said...

Oh boy, you're getting nasty storms now too! Glad you got home safely. Sorry Kirzon is having gum troubles. And I thought Benny was an overzealous "rubber."

umi_e said...

Hope Kirzon recover soon from the illness...

* Our Chiku never stop drooling :(

Jacqueline said...

Very glad Kirzon is doing well, but hope his mouth heals quickly with the meds...No doubt, the new kitten photos are cute overload!...Be sure to give your Mommy extra cuddles and kisses today, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Old Kitty said...

Oh well done with taking Kirzon to the vets under such circumstances with the flooding and the storms! What a trip that must have been!

But glad to hear lovely Kirzon is doing ok - hopefully the meds will sort his gums out! Good to hear he is eating! Yay for him!

And great news too about Cosmo and Louise! They sound so adorable!

have a lovely weekend too!

Take care

Brian said...

I hope poor Kirzon's mouth gets all better soon. That sounds like quite a trip with all the flooding, I'm glad you made it there and back without many problems.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Thanks fur the updates -

We were wondering how woo were doing in that nasty weather!


Sweet Praline said...

I hope Kirzon is doing much better soon.