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Monday, June 14, 2010

Some added thinking

So I have been thinking about the peeing issue. I know a lot of you think there is a possible medical behind it - and I am not ruling that out. But the timing is making me think it isn't medical. I say this because we do have Lola, the angry pee-er. And it could be a kitten - adult cat pee usually reeks even after drying and this didn't - I just noticed the stain and had to really get close (by the way yuck) to know it was pee. They are out at night but they spend a lot of time napping upstairs. Also, the kittens do use different cat litter - and there is a box upstairs (I am transitioning them to the stuff the others use by doing more and more of the new stuff with the type they used before). That could make an angry cat pee on the bed. Barney has gone in it and used it (because he is a weirdo) but both Kirzon and Lola HATE if I change litters. Someone in the house does like to pee in the bedroom - in the spot where the litter is usually kept with the kittens. I am sure they smell it from when the box is there (they would always use the kitten boxes no matter how small, which of course meant some misses, if you know what I mean) and because I am convinced that cat pee smell is forever (at least to a cat - no matter how many times I shampoo the carpet they will go back sometimes). I am tempted to try and get a webcam in there or something. With the kittens separate during the day when I am at work that could help narrow it down, BUT it could be that the kittens are on the bed and big cats are in the room and they get nervous about going and end up going where they are on the bed (and I can see why it wouldn't be the same spot, because the first spot was probably still damp from cleaning). It is possible having the kittens separate could actually cause no one to pee on the bed even if it is the kittens, because they are more used to that. I can see it being Barney, because although he gets along with the kittens well this is also the first time he has had any added, and no one has peed on the bed before. Virgil is the wildcard - he tolerated Barney pretty quick, he tolerates Gus and Stella ok, but he is the enigma of the group. Kirzon is old and who knows, maybe since this is the first kittens since Floyd left he is trying to assert himself. He has tried to sit on the kittens (Barney does too) - not in a mean way but in an "I was here first so sure, sit in her lap but I will be above you in her lap" kind of way (Barney is that way too, but he also does it in a total big-brother-we-are-play-wrestling way - the kittens always get out right away and they are not going to get hurt the way he does it - and I admit it is funny to watch - Floyd did that all the time to Kirzon when they would play together). I just wish I knew who it was - that would help so much. Yep, webcam is sounding better and better.


Katnip Lounge said...

Uh oh...
I agree, it's a lot easier to fix the problem peer if you know who it is! WalMart sells a webcam system...that's where I got mine to watch the ferals.
MomKat Trish

Marg said...

I know what you mean about peeing problems. I really believe that having a lot of cats in the same house encourages cats to pee where they smell anything different. I have kind of given up figuring out who is doing it.I just go around with a cleaner that has a lemon scent to it and spray where I think they have peed or most of the time know where they have peed.
Good luck to you. I have a feeling someone is bent out of shape with the new kittens.

Anonymous said...

The peeing saga continues. Oh, what those of us with multi-pet households go through! Don't even know what to suggest to you, we've got similar issues with dogs and cats at our home. My favorite is Max, the old timer and latest adoption. He loooves the wee pads we have for our chiweenie. He also likes to roll on them afterwards. Yikes! And they say cats are clean. Just buy a few bottles of white vinegar from Costco, they're cheap and take care of enzymes and residual smells.
Loved the Trixie kitten name suggestion, but now I must figure out which one of the four remaining nameless ones fits the name, if any of them.

Old Kitty said...

I think so too. I mean if you can do that and it's possible I can't see why not? So at least once you know who is doing it you will know the why cos it sounds like they all have their reasons to pee on the bed!

Good luck with this. And take care and I hope you have a dry night!

Purrs to all your sweet kitties!

Brian said...

That would certainly get to the bottom of it, so to speak. My late brother Ivan had an affection for silky soft things...really silky, we removed those and it stopped. Ya just never know what triggers it I guess.