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Monday, April 19, 2010


So I came home with a headache Friday, had one all weekend and have one now - because of that I am super behind (Like by RSS says I have 721 posts that I haven't read, and that is only in my pet blogs folder) so don't be surprised if I am not commenting much the next few days - spring weather = headaches unfortunately. Plus I am having trouble getting comments to approve, which is very annoying, so if you commented since Friday and don't see it don't be surprised, because Blogger is acting up.

I am going to try and get as caught up as possible, but today is going to be tough, and the next few days may also (work is so annoying and stressful).

The cats are all good - still have spring fever for sure. Lots of running around. I will try and get some pics up later!!


JC said...

Not to worry ...

Old Kitty said...

Oh Amy!!

You take care now and mind those headaches!

Me and Charlie are sending you tons of healing purrs and lotsa furry hugs for you to get better!

Hope you have a restful day!

A big hello to all your beautiful kitties too!



Anonymous said...

Oh Nose! We hopes your brain aches go away and DO NOT come back!

Cindy said...

Headaches are awful! mommy gets them, too. Hope you all are doing well.

kissa-bull said...

aww the smarticles are tired and need a west
do not wowy about ush we still be here patiently waiting for you when you feel the better

healing pibble sugars and wiggles
the pittie pack

Milton said...

Bleedin' Hell - 700 plus posts and I've just contributed to them. Soreeeee.

Milt x

Katnip Lounge said...

Hang in there! Allergies? No fun.

Cokie the Cat said...

Thanks for your post and sorry about the headaches. Mom gets them too, and she's had an awful strep throat/sinus/eye/sinus infection for two weeks!

I told her to forget her Dr. She needs to go to the vet!

Anyway, yes, I'm THAT Cokie! LOL! I'm Editor in Chief of the Anipal Times.

Read it and enter to win the awesome Bearmani.com bear! You can also pick up an "I Read The Anipal Times" badge. ; )

Let me know what you think!

Feel better,
Cokie the Cat

Jacqueline said...

I give myself Imitrex shots for migraine headaches, it works very well...Hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Our mama gets the same headaches, so we're commiserating with you! We'll be here when you're ready!

Love Meow said...

awww hope you feel better now. My husband had a headache the other night and it was no fun at all.

I was super behind on my rss reading too. Today I finally got the time to catch up on some of it. I wasn't able to read all the posts, but I made sure I came to your blog :).

We are sending purrs to your cats :).