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Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Fever!

Oh, so much spring fever in our house this week! The two youngest have been playing THoE a lot lately - I can't even tell who is chasing who most of the time. Every time I think Barney is starting something and Virgil isn't into it, Virgil starts to chase Barney!

And Lola has been asking for petting at bed time. Last night I was trying to sleep so she was rubbing my hand with her face. Then she decided it would be good to wash it, so she was licking it, then using her flea picker teeth (the little teeth in front - Daisy gave them that name) to try and get them extra clean. Then when I still wasn't petting her (I did for a while to start but told her it was bed time, which is when the rubbing started) she thought that was unacceptable and so she bit me - not hard but like she was trying to get my attention (this isn't the first time but usually it is when she wants me to stop petting her). I told her no biting, but she did it again, so I told her that she could stop or leave. Nope, chomp. So I picked her up and put her on the far side of the bed and told her that she knows Barney always gets in trouble for biting (he is the king of chomping you if you are half alseep and stick your hand out from the covers - I think he thinks it is a game but then he gets way too into it) and that she should know better. She layed down in a huff and went to sleep. It was pretty funny.

The food change is starting to get a lot of push back - they like something then the next time they won't eat it. Virgil is worst, so he usually gets some Fancy Feast. Kirzon is the best - he will eat pretty much anything. Since it is spring he is shedding a LOT (he actually would have bigger hair piles then long-haired Floyd when I brush him because he is a big-time shedder), so he has had quite a few hairballs. I can't wait to do laundry because I know he sleeps in it and in the past I have found old ones he has like burried, so he didn't have to move I guess. He seems to be gaining the weight from when he lost it, but he still seems too skinny to me. But then again, I think I am always a bit paranoid about that. Oh, so I was going to say all the shedding and hairballs make me think it might be time for a bath to get out a lot of the old fur. I know he hates it but it really does help get a lot that brushing doesn't - mostly the undercoat stuff. It will be either this weekend or next so I will be sure to get pictures!

Well, that is all for now. Don't forget to go vote for Virgil over at the Fight Club at Misha's blog. We were doing pretty good for a while but are starting to drop again.

Oh, and don't forget to visit the future residents and their kitty siblings at Mac an Company still not sure who will be ours, but they are all cuties so we are ok with watiting. Part of it is we are curious about the genders of the three non-calicos - the calicos are very likely all girls, but the other three - who knows! Plus they are all so cute, how do you pick? Oh, and there is a link to subscribe to the RSS feed at the botton, so you can keep up with any new pics!!


Madi and Mom said...

Hi All,
We are glad to see that things are running along as per normal at your house....all happy, well fed and loving kitties albeit a little too active. Happy Weekend,
Dip-C and Esmarillda

Anonymous said...

Ohmigoodnesses! We know all abouts shedding arounds here. My mom walked in the house yesterdays and saw a chair that kitteh-sister Abby had been sleeping in and thought it was Abby cuz there was so much furs there. BOL! Sounds like your house is lotsa fun!

Wiggles & Wags,

Old Kitty said...


Golly it does sound like the house of cats is really in the grip of spring fever!


Awww Lola!!! Bless her little furry heart. She sounds utterly adorable - well I can say that - it's not my hand she's biting! But seriously what a sweetie.


Great that Kirzon's appetite is on the up - hopefully he will gain his weight back.

Good luck with his bathtime!

A big hello to Virgil and I'm so excited for you about your new soon to be additions to your family! All the kittens are just so lovely!

And oooh Me and Charlie are now going over to give Virgil our support at the kitty fight club!

Take care now

Cindy said...

Yes, things are getting back to normal, thank goodness. We know about excess furs in our house, too. Have a wonderful weekend.

Brian said...

My sisters and I wish y'all a wonderful weekend. I will go vote now too!

Anonymous said...

Hoping you all have a very Springie weekend!

Remington said...

Sounds like you are on the right track for spring! I VOTED!
I don't know how you will pick one out of all those cuties! Have great weekend!

Angel and Kirby said...

You are getting a new kitten? If the black one is a male, he would be our choice.

Dog Foster Mom said...

I'd skip the bath and go with a Furminator. They work amazingly well and you might not have to go through the torture of a bath (assuming your cat is a normal water-hating cat). :-)

Also your future kittens (whichever two they are!) are so cute!! The orange one is probably a boy - they usually are, but not always. Its great you're getting two together - that's going to be so fun!

Love Meow said...

Jackie and Flip are shedding a lot too. My hubby is brushing jackie right now and I can see a huge pile of fur already. Jackie likes to be brushed, so its easy. Flip tends to walk around while we are brushing him.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

I hope new kitties in your household are better welcomed than the way I sometimes treat my still new brother! We, too, hare shedding handfuls...the chinese red carpet actually looks pink because of the coating of white fur! Have a great weekend. I voted for Virgil!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We have Spring bakhk again! It was a pawesome 50 degrees!

I'll be looking furward to seeing the two new tasty items on 'The House of Cats' menu


Fin said...

They are ALL Darling! Concats!

Ayla and Iza, said...

I used to be real big on pouncing the bed monsters at night and putting the bitey on them. But eventually I learned that it was The Big Thing's feets and he was getting tired of bit toesies.