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Friday, March 12, 2010

Update and Foxy Friday!!

Hi Everyone! It has been a crazy week here - and probably will be until April 1 because this month is our year end at work which is very tiring - that is probably why my boss was in. So visits will be sporadic for now - I will try to comment but it is easier to read from my reader, which makes it tough to comment.

First we are very honored that our own Lola was featured by Inigo at Rumblebumm for Foxy Friday! He has her as a fan dancer, and like she commented, it is appropriate because I am always singing to her about her being a showgirl (actually I use that as the reason she does weird things too - like Brad will say she is really stretching weird to clean a leg or something, and I will say "well, she was a showgirl" - oh, if you don't get the reference it is from Copacabana by Barry Manilow (which I can't really spell)). They were actually up with it yesterday because they are in New Zeland, but since here today is Friday it seems ok to mention it.

Next, we are heading to the vet tomorrow morning - but not as much for the reason I thought. See, I thought we would need to go because of Kirzon's mouth, and since we were going I would take Barney to have his eyes looked at. Well, when I got home on Wednesday I thought Barney had some gunk under his eye and tried to wipe it off. Well, I was wrong - he rubbed his fur off there, and it was skin! So I think his eye is really bugging him a lot. I am using the eye goo we have both for his eyes and for the bald spot. And then last night I noticed - Kirzon has a bald spot on top of his head, like he is rubbing too! He seems to be eating less (well, less at one time, he seems to be going back more often). He is still on the antibiotics, and he is fighting them a lot now - the Klaw Kontrol bag really helps a lot with that, without it he is so much worse. I am wondering if they seem worse in the eye area because of the weather changing - it has been warm and fairly rainy this week. Kirzon gets a bit of eye allergies, and he has rubbed the fur there before - but this spot is higher up on his head, not next to his eyes. I will let you know what the vet says on both of them. My eyes are itchy too, which is unusual for me, so I don't know if it is the weather, or just psychological because of the cats. Virgil and Lola seem ok for now, but I am watching them because both have had eye issues in the past.

So, the other big news is that March 15 (Monday) is Lola's birthday! They weren't kidding when they said beware the ides of March! We won't be having a huge party but we will be doing a bit of celebrating! We hope you can stop by and say hello!

Oh, the kitties have been more snuggly together lately - Lola again came up and sat near Barney - no growling or anything. If he approaches her (when she is sitting by me) to sit by us she will growl and I tell her that she shouldn't because he is just trying to snuggle, not chase/bop/bite/wrestle/play with her. Then she usually calms down (I am fine with the growling if provoked, but unprovoked gets a talking to - and that is for everyone, not just Lola). Kirzon has also been much more tolerant of him. Virgil is less snuggly again, so I think he likes to snuggle when it was cold - I may need to crank the A/C!

I will try and get some more pictures - since work is crazy it makes evenings more of a relaxing time then a computer time recently, which is why I am behind in visits and pictures. Like I said, it should calm down soon, once end of year is over. And I will have a vet update this weekend. Keep your fingers and paws crossed that they can figure out what is up with these two!


Angel and Kirby said...

Good luck at the vet! Sorry work is so crazy

Old Kitty said...

Awww Amy and the House of Cats!

Lola the fan dancer is so so Excellent! I'm still grinning here - that was such a lovely pic!!!

Awww bless her little showkitty heart! And she's definitely the Lola of Copacobana! LOL!

As for the itchy eyes - is it hayfever season yet? I know someone here at work with itchy eyes too and we reckon it's the hayfever (tree pollen) season!

I hope Kirzon is ok too and I will have Barney in my thoughts as you take him to the vets. I hope the vets will find the reason for the eye allergy thing. Will be watching your blog for updates! Good luck!

Anyway, glad it's Friday! I hope you and all at the House of Cats have a fantastic Friday!

Take care

Kea said...

Good luck at the v-e-t! Fingers and paws crossed.

kissa-bull said...

we are sendign our pibble feel better vibes for all the furrys when they go to the vet.and please to email ush your snail mail addy for a easter card at thehoustonpittiepackATyahooDOTcom
pibble sugars and wee wags
the houston pittie pack

Sammy and Andy said...

We will be purring for all. xxxxxxxxxx

AttieCattie said...

wow, you guys have so much going on over there! let us know what happens at the v-e-t. sending purrs!

Brian said...

Here's to a good vet visit. Y'all have a calm and stress-free weekend!

Sweet Praline said...

Good luck at the vet.

Dog Foster Mom said...

Hope things go well at the vet. One of my foster cats has a spot over her eye that she's rubbed away all her fur too - I need to get her checked out. And I totally relate to the busy at work thing - please don't rush on the NKC stuff - there is no hurry!!

The Paw Relations said...

Lola looks great as a showgirl!

Love Meow said...

We are purring for Kirzon. Hope the vet visit will go well. When my kitties are not feeling well, I don't feel good physically either. I think it could be psychological.

We will definitely stop by for Lola's birthday :). Lola looks so pretty as a showgirl :). xoxo.

Jacqueline said...

Good luck at the vet; we hope the boys feel better soon...We saw Lola the Fan Dancer and she looked adorable!...Hope you guys have a good weekend...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We wish all of woo a PURRY relaxing weekend -

Paws khrossed all goes well -

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

Eric and Flynn said...

We hope the vet visit goes well. We like the Foxy Friday picture of Lola the showgirl.

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Ooo, we'll be here for Lola's birthday for sure!!!

BeadedTail said...

We hope the vet visit goes well! Congrats to Lola for being on Foxy Friday!

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

Thanks for the news. Good luck at the vets! But I must request to your mom there that she do more photos especially of my honey BARNEY!!!!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Our paws and mom's fogers are crossed. Don't worry abowt visiting, we love yoo anyway! (espeshully Barney!)