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Friday, March 26, 2010


Ok it is too darn cold today! It isn't 40 yet, and I have my little space heater on to stay warm!!

The cats are doing good - I am trying to get them to eat healthier, more grain free food. So far it isn't working to great. Mainly my concerns are Barney and Kirzon because they have the weird mouth (Kirzon) and Licking (Barney) issues. Barney's licking thing started when Floyd was sickest, but that is also when I changed food to try and find something Floyd might eat. So wish me luck!

Lola has been odd lately - in a good way. Twice yesterday she brought me a puffball. I thought she wanted to fetch, but when I tossed it she just sat down. She doesn't usually bring me the ball at all - not in years. She had one little sparkly silver ball she liked - and other than that she was never really interested. But yesterday morning up she jumped with a green puffball. Then last night she came up with a yellow one. I tried to get her to play but I think she was just showing me what a great hunter she could be, because she had no interest at all. She has also been in a better mood lately - maybe the boys are leaving her alone more. We have a shelf in the room we use for storage - it is by the window. I got a nice soft towel to put there so the cats can sit there. I think she really likes it. Maybe spring has her in a better mood and she knows she can sit there to sort of get away from the crazy boys.

On the couch front things are the same. I can't find what I like in a reasonable price at the stores that are local. I thought about ordering but I really cannot spend that much on something like a couch without seeing it in person and trying it out. So this will be a weekend of searching!

I hope everyone has a great weekend - by this time next week things shoudl have calmed down at work and I will finally be able to get caught up again! Yay!


Hoshi said...

That's way too cold!!! Stay toasty!

Brian said...

Yuck on the Burrrr stuff! I hope you have a warm and wonderful weekend!

Kea said...

Gees, the windchill here this AM was -16C. Crazy weather.

Good luck re. the food. I've as yet been unable to convince the cats that raw or grain-free is the way to go, though not for lack of constant trying. But I do avoid corn, soy and wheat in their food. Except for the junkie treats. The odd thing with Nicki is that on a higher quality grain-free diet he gets diarrhea, if he gets some corn in his diet, his poop is normal. (Hence the treats.) That goes against everything I've read about feline nutrition, but I guess what's good for one cat is not good for all cats!

Just remember that the best food in the world won't do the cat any good if s/he doesn't eat it! Maybe aim for a combination of foods, good and not-as-good, and that way everyone can be happy. LOL.

The Monkeys said...

It got really cold here too! Yesterday was nice and warm and Spring-like and today was freezing!

Remington said...

All of you should cuddle up in a big fluffy blankie and take a nap until it warms up!

Old Kitty said...


What crazy weather!! Hopefully it'll settle down soon.

Great news about Barney, Kirzon, and Lola! Good luck with the new healthy grain-free eating for the boys! I hope they take to the healthier option soon.

Fantastic to read about Lola doing her fetching thing!! That's brilliant! Spring and a place to call her own is probably doing wonders for her. Good for her!

Good luck with finding that perfect couch. I'm sure you will! I have everything crossed for you. I so agree that it's not really something to buy online - you have to test it out first. So have fun trying out all these couches!

Have a great weekend too!

Take care

Anonymous said...

Not 40 yet? Ack! We'd still be using our fleecey blankets if it were that cold here!

Angel and Kirby said...

That is too cool for spring! We saw frost early this morning but it got up in the 70's this afternoon.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

The temp sounds great to Mom and me!

That was what our real feel temp was today - it was pawesome!

Happy Shopping - hope woo find something!


BeadedTail said...

How cute that Lola has been bringing you her puffball! Hope the food switch goes better. We switched to grain free and it really made a difference but Angel still has an over grooming issue too that we can't figure out.

Hope the couch shopping goes well!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Have a good one Amy! Fingers crossed on food and mood and couches!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Stay toasty guys. And have a purrfect weekend.

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

Yep, I have the same cold that you do. The mom here says we are not out of winter yet.
I have an idea for the food. The mom feeds me Blue Buffalo food. It isn't for buffalo furries but the name of the kittie food. You can get it at the special pet stores. It is yummy and it is good for us kitties. Not any filler and has no chicked parts but the best part of the chicken to eat. It comes in a couple of flavors and also for ages or overweight. Check it out.
Your girl, Gracie

Cindy said...

Have an awesome weekend! It's in the 30's here, so keep warm there.

umi_e said...

Have a nice weekends :)


kissa-bull said...

brrr that sounds cold and we are going to go hide under the blankets after this post
we are furry sissies when it comes to cold weather
we liked the snow though when we had some here like once in our life
pibble sugars and wee wags
the pittie pack

Your Daily Cute said...

Definitely too cold! Have a great weekend, too -- give all the kitties hugs and kisses from me, Pimp and Moo!

Mishkat said...

Yesterday was so cold and damp here - and the dampness made it so chilly! Today should be nicer here - I hope it's nicer for you too.

Re food: We finally settled on Merrick "Before Grain" cat food. The cats seem to really like it (sometimes TOO much!), and the humans like it because it comes in a big zipper bag so it's really easy to store and keep fresh. We have to order ours by mail from Phydeaux so shipping is a little expensive, but it's worth it. We buy the 11 pound bags and they last a long time - more than a month per 3 cats.

Here's a link to what it looks like in case you are interested

Anonymous said...

It's that cold here, too. We've been curled up at mama's feet keeping them warm. Good luck with the cat food switch!

Anonymous said...

You've got the cold weather and we've got the warm!

I'm also trying to switch to grain free but my problem is finding a dependable source for it without having to travel 60 miles away!

Sagira said...

The weather is so weird lately. Friday it snowed, then today it was beautiful outside didn't even need a coat. Hope you can warm up!