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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grayson found a home!

I am so happy to let everyone know that Grayson found a forever home! I literally cried when I read his story (it actually kept me up) and I am so so happy to hear he will be well taken care of - you can read it Here

I am not sure why this upset me so much when I first heard it but I am so happy that he will be in a loving forever home now.


Remington said...

Great news! Sounds like a perfect home for him!

Old Kitty said...


I couldn't put a comment in your original post about Grayson because the threat of euthanasia for him looked like such a possibility...it was just too awful and too unfair.

SO YAY!!!! For Grayson!! Yay for his new forever home family!!!

AND Big Furry Hugs to you, you wonderful Amy and the House of Cats for the info about Grayson.

You're all brilliant!

Take care

Jacqueline said...

Thank goodness someone adopted Grayson; I've been very worried about him...He seems like such a sweet, loving boy.

Kea said...

*Happy Dance*! Hurrah!

Madi and Mom said...

Great news Amy!!!
Grayson is another success story
Madi and Mom

Eric and Flynn said...

We are so happy and relieved for Grayson.

Love Meow said...

YAY! I am so happy for Grayson :). I was so worried about him. Thankfully everything worked out so well. :)

I feel like celebrating tonight :)

Lisa, Jack and Baby said...

Thank goodness Grayson found a wonderful home. Just in time too, it sounds like.

TK said...

Isn't it grate! We has a worry-worry fur him all day today.

Sweet Praline said...

Yes! it bothered my mom, too. We were so worried about him being sent to the pound. Yay for Grayson!

Angel and Kirby said...

WE are doing a happy dance for Grayson!


That deserves a cheer! Hip hip hooray!
It's always nice to hear but also that he is loved by many.

Brian said...

Just another update, his new Mom and Dad will get Grayson on Saturday...he will be going from South Carolina to his new forever home in Georgia. His new Mom and Dad are so very excited to get that handsome boy. Thanks for all the wonderful thoughts and sharing of his story. We were really worried for him to. You know my Sister Dolly, right? The same nice lady that rescued Dolly was helping sweet Grayson and that's how we got involved. Jenna is an Angel. Later!

meowmeowmans said...

Woohoo! That is so awesome! Hooray for Grayson and his new people. :)

Sagira said...

Wonderful news!