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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

After the Falls...

So, we left off yesterday with everyone going over Niagra Falls in barrels.

Luckily, we all made it, but sadly our barrels didn't do as well.

♥Gracie♥ and I were a bit stunned.

Photo by Karl

As were Opus and Ollie

Photo by Karl

And Asta and Stanley

Photo by Karl

Karl and Ruis fared a bit better - their barrel stayed intact.

Photo by Karl

Momo and Socks were the first picked up by the coast guard, which is good because they were in the rougher water.

Photo by Karl

We got to shore and were given towels to dry off with.

Photo by Karl

We realized how bad the situation could have been - one of us could have gotten seriously hurt - or worse!

Photo by Gracie

But luckily, we were all ok. The only one who thought that it was any fun was ♥Gracies♥ Mini me.

Photo by Karl


So, mom wants me to remind you that we will be posting for the cat-olympics tomorrow. Our event is "Extreme Climbing" - basically how high can you go? Tomorrow there will be the post about it and you can enter by submitting your link to the inlinkz thingy at the bottom (like Mr. Linky but with pictures). We are looking for photos but text is ok too. But the photos will prove you actually climbed really high (I mean, I could say I climbed to the top of the Sears tower but without pictures how would you know it is true?)

Also, the Strongcat Competition is posted now at the Naughty Kitty Club, if you would like to join that one!

Mom will be back to her regular posts on Thursday!


Jacqueline said...

Such a cute story and wonderful photos of your great adventure!!...Glad everyone is ok...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Angel and Kirby said...

That was scary! We are glad you are all OK!

Old Kitty said...

obStop. Please stop. My sides are hurting from laughing. Have pity on me you crazy creatures!!!

Asta and Stanley - you both look like you've seen more stars and birds going round and round than the rest...!

Glad you all got rescued.


I have to wipe the happy tears from my eyes now.... I must show your adventures to my Grumpy Cat! Maybe she'd take the hint and stay awake for longer than oooh, feeding time..?

Looking forward to your Olympian feats!

Take care

Milo and Alfie said...

WOW! Wot an exciting adventure yoo had. We're glad yoo are all OK!

Anonymous said...

SO glad you're all ok. That was a furry scary adventure, fer sure!

TK said...

OMCC! how cool is your storee! I so glad everyone is ok!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Thats the funniest story I've ever read. That was a good one. I will smile a couple of days over that story.