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Thursday, January 14, 2010

FINALLY it is my turn!!

Hi Everyone! This is Lola - the only ladycat here at the House of Cats! The first think I want to do is clear a few things up. Yes, I am a bit pudgy, that is true. But I don't think I am all that lazy - I mean, I have seen mom and she is as lazy as I am. Plus, I am a cat, it is my job to sleep. And also, mom must not remember her kitties growing up - they were like me, sleeping a lot. I think it is just a girl thing (mom's kitties growing up were both girls - Mog and Putter - Putter was Mog's mom). Now, as far as crabby, well, ok, that is true SOMETIMES. But not all the time. I love to snuggle with mom and dad too - I snuggle with him more then anyone. I do tend to yell at my brothers but that is going to happen when they JUMP ON YOU ALL THE TIME. I think they think that because I am a girl they can beat me - but boy are those two little dorks wrong (Kirzon is right, but he is my older brother, so it makes sense). First, I am bigger then the little guys - Barney is catching up but I still beat him by a few pounds. And second, well, I am a fierce ladycat, and I can take care of myself. Oh, and as far as the pudgy thing - my mom was a small black kitty but my dad was a giant orange tabby, so I just think I take after him.

Let me see, what can I tell you about me. My mom got me when I was 2 months old - her friend had a cat (actually 4 cats) who was a baby, so obviously not neutered, and she moved in with a girl who had a girl cat who she claimed was spayed. Well, they took my dad to get neutered when it was time, but he had a fever so they said that they would like to wait a week. My dad's owner thought it would be fine, since they thought my mom was spayed - but obviously she wasn't. So then I was born and I had 2 grey sibs and 2 black sibs (I can't rember who were girls and who were boys). They new the couldn't keep us all so they needed to find homes - and my mom said she would love to have me! And she was very brave, because I have one minor issue - I am kind of gassy. It isn't as bad now as when I was a kitten - boy it was harsh. But she loved me anyway, and I slept on her chest to be safe from the big boys. She was worried they might hurt me - not on purpose, because they were nice to me - just by accident because they were so big - especially Floyd. I miss him so much because when I was little he took good care of me, almost like a momcat would. He was my best cat friend. But I know he is up at the bridge and not sick anymore, and I know he is still around watching over me and all the rest of us - even the little squirts. I have to tell you, I know mom wants to get another kitten - and boy am I hoping she gets a girl this time!!

Let me see, what else can I tell you. I don't have a boyfriendcat - my mom is always saying I am too cranky, but I don't think that is true. My birthday is March 15 - the Ides of March. Mom knows my actually day because she knew my dad and mom's owners. I am a diluted calico, although I kind of look diluted tortie-ish too, but I think it is just because I don't have a lot of white furs - but my orange furs aren't mixed in as much as torties are, they are more patchy like a calico (at least they were when I was little).

I have allergies that can make my eyes goopy, so sometimes I have to have eye goo put in them, but I am very good about it because I have always had it. I am very brave with people, but scared of other things. I was worse when I was younger, but I still get concerned about things sometimes and start to whap at them. One time I got so scared that I bit mom and wouldn't come into the room for a week, or go on the couch where I was scared for a month! Mom was holding me to give me the eye goo and I heard a noise, which is why I bit her. She new I wasn't being mean I was just scared, so when a couple people asked if she was going to keep me or not her response was of courese she was keeping me - I didn't do anything wrong. She said she shouldn't have tried to keep holding on to me when she saw I was scared - she felt bad about that. She is really the best mom I could ever ask for, because she loves me no matter what I do. I am the one most likely to pee or poop outside the box, but she just cleans it up and goes on with her life. I am an angry pee-er, so when I really don't want her taking me somewhere I will pee - usually in the carrier in the car. But still, she just is sure to bring lots of towels now - she still loves me just as much.

Well, I guess that is all about me. I know my mom is hoping to get some pictures of us with the package we got from our friend Valerie at Wandering Cat Studios. Valerie is an awesome knitter and she also talks about her cats on her blog - you should go visit her and take a look (I know mom wishes she could knit at all - she is totally jealous!) She was going to do it last night but her head hurt again - but it was better this morning.

Finally, my big brother Kirzon is going to the vet to get his teeth cleaned tomorrow. He should be ok, but since there is anestesia there is always a little risk. So if you could send lots of purrs and good thoughts to him we would really appreciate it. WE know a lot of you out there have had tooth things come up lately, so you and your mom's will know what is up with that. He will be home that night though, so that is good. Mom bought an air mattress because she always sleeps on the floor when a kitty is first home from the vet - her bed is really tall so she doesn't want us to try and jump up there if we are groggy.

Wow, this is longer then I planned. I bet it is longer then all the boys posts!! Oh well, that is how it is with us girls - we do what we want and how we want to!!


Brian said...

I think you did great Lola!!! It was really nice to hear your story, tell them boys to behave!

Fruitysquerrle said...

Cute Blog!

Siamese Peaches said...

Kizon! you will be fine! you can rest and dream all night and wake up feeling great!

Cindy said...

How wonderful to learn about you! Nice bio.

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

Don't worry yourself. You are purrrfect! You are not too fluffy, you are not too crabby, you are just right! So there!
See you tomorrow, speaking of resting get plenty because tomorrow there will be plenty to do. Get there when you can after the vet and all. Plenty of soft drinks for the sore mouth if needed.
SEE YOU SOON BARNEY! Sorry for yelling I am just getting excited!!

Angel and Kirby said...

That is a lot of information about you! It must be a tough job keeping teh boys in line!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I bet at least one of the boy khats will feel khompelled to mention how girls purr a lot but....


Tank woo fur sharing your story!


Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Miss Lola, we think you are PERFECTION!! Do NOT let anyone tell you different... and if only we had some photos... *hehehe*

Percy the Cat said...

That is a great story!
I did give my mum the bitey a couple times too when I was scared. Well, and when she tries to clip my claws.

And please send purrs to Kirzon from us!

One Cats Nip said...

YAY! Lola blog!

The Paw Relations said...

It's great to hear your story Lola. Now we feel we know you better!

We think that all grey cats called Lola are pudgy, cranky and full o' gas!

Puddin said...

Well im glad you finally got a chance to have your own post and tell us about yourself. Me sorry you have alleriges though. I have them too. I guess its just stuff we gotta live with. I loved hearing your story and I hope you post again.