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Monday, November 30, 2009

Catching up and Christmas Cards!

First, let me just point out our new header - Ann from Zoolatry made it and it is just so wonderful. She is going through a lot of stuff right now and the fact that she thought to make this for us just touches our hearts (and that our includes Brad by the way).

It has been crazy here since last week - all the holiday prep. The cats are taking it well though - although the tree is STILL not up so I don't know how that will go. Barney loves the little plastic thingies that attach the mini-lights to the window so he is always trying to pull them off - we had them up all the time because they are a pain to take off, and he would constantly pull them off. Now that there are lights in them again I have to keep even closer eye on him (I think he likes how they sound when he bats them around). He was surprisingly nervous on Thanksgiving - he stayed on the landing at the midpoint of the stairs - there is a little barrier there that you can see through and reach and pet him but if you wanted to pick him up you have to go around, so he has time to get away if he wants to. While I was cooking he was very good - didn't try to eat the raw turkey breasts or anything. Well, ok, that is not true. Since Brad's birthday was the day after Thanksgiving I made cupcakes and he did eat one - he licked it a LOT so I just took it out and let him have it. He ate the whole top (it was a yellow butter cake). After that he kept trying to take them when we would eat them - he and Kirzon both actually. I make the cake from a box but with homemade white buttercream icing and so they like both parts. They always steal the cupcake paper wrappers to try and lick them - but Barney actually tried to eat the paper so he got that taken away very quick.

Kirzon was amazingly social this year. He loves turkey so he hung out begging the whole time. He is much more, not sure what to call it, aggressive sounds too harsh, but more willing to say "hey I am here and I want stuff" now. Both he and Barney loved the turkey. We always do 2 turkey breasts - one roasted in the oven and one on the grill, and they loved the grill turkey, which surprised me because it was smokey.

Lola spent the day upstairs - she is not afraid of people, she was just already up there avoiding the last minute craziness. Virgil came and he hung out for a while, but he has zero interest in the people food so he went to nap later. Barney later discovered the coats, which were all owned by dog people (well, my aunt and uncle have both cats and dogs) and he was totally intrigued by them.

Friday thru Sunday were decorating days. They have been ok with everything so far (there are a LOT of lights around outside, inside and inside-showing-outside for them to play with) but again, I don't have the tree up yet (probably next weekend). We got a new tree last year because I was worried about Virgil (he was a much crazier kitten then the first three) and so in addition to the new unbreakable ornaments (we used to do 2 trees - 1 all glass and one all the sentimental Hallmark ornaments) I got a new tree - a white one. I thought it would be cool to do kind of a retro thing with a white tree and hot pink, lime green and turquoise ornaments (there is some purple too). It turned out cool and since Barney is even crazier then Virgil was, and since the carpet is gone, it has to be unbreakable. I am hoping to get some good pictures of them with the tree this year. I am still going to be a bit sparse on the visiting/posting because of the need to finish, and get cards done, and also because work is just so stressful right now, and it is tougher to keep up from there.

Speaking of cards, below is a list of everyone I have heard from about exchanging, either from my contact form or from me contacting on their site. If I am missing you or if you want to exchange please let me know. I am missing an address for one person (Samantha and Maverick) so if they could email me that would be great! Also, if any doggies out there would like to exchange I would love that too - I noticed I have mostly kitties. There are a few others I am sending because I have addresses from previously but I am not posting them because they didn't technically sign up to exchange (which is cool - I like to send cards but I know some people just don't do it or just can't afford it this year - parts of my family are doing that too).

So far I have (I am listing by blog name since there are a few with multiple cats):

DIY Catcare

The Island Cats

Brian's Home

One Cats Nip

A Wizard and an Angel

The Kool Kitty Krew

Forever Foster

Hansel, Tesla and Benny

The Creek Cats

Ginger Jasper

Twilight's Muse

Love and Hisses

Shadow Cat (I think I have your address from ordering the nip balls - Angel & Kirby's mom mentioned exchanging in her comment a couple days back so I am counting you)

Life from a Cat's Perspective - we need your address!!

The Paw Relations (I think I sent you and email about this - I know I have your address already)

Wow, that is a lot! But we would LOVE to have more, so if you are interested you can email me (in my profile) or just use the handy contact form and let me know! And this is for everyone everywhere, not just in the US/Canada. Although if you are outside the US and are interested let me know ASAP because I want to be sure the cards get there in time!

Ok, can I add an ewww,right now because Virgil is sort of eating a bug - he picks it up in his mouth, chews, drops it, picks it up again, etc. Ok - it is gone now - gross. I don't even know what it was but I saw it moving - even though it is gross it is something I really do appreciate because I hate bugs!

So I am going to try and post some pictures shortly - in all the cleaning a lot of stuff got moved around and right now I am not 100% sure where the camera is with the card in it. If I can't find it I will be sure to get some up tomorrow.

Sorry this is so long - just a couple more things. We are excited to say that Marty raised enough for his surgery (yay). We are super excited by that! Ron over at Forever Foster could use some good wishes right now - he isn't doing great but he is a fighter and the more good thoughts for that poor little guy the better. He is only 11 weeks old and is lucky enough to have found a great family to take care of him, but he could still use all the good thoughts he can get. We haven't gotten around the blogosphere as much as we planned so we aren't up on who else needs purrs to feel better but know we are always hoping for the best for all our blog friends. And for all those kitties out there who need to find there way home, we are still sending out lots of "get home soon" thoughts - and we will do so until you finally get home!

Finally, we are visiting and catching up as fast as we can - right now it is still crazy but just know we haven't forgotten about any of our wonderful blog friends!

Thanks everyone!!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We sooooo understand! There are only so many hours in a day!

Tank woo fur the rekhap from your holiday/etc/plus!

Sadly, we are in the not affording to do the khards thing this year - the monies we would have spent are devoted to the transports Mom takes my Xterra fur!


Danielle said...

My hoomin totally agrees about the holidays being hectic! As for me, my life doesn't change much. (except I get more table scraps!)

The Creek Cats said...

We love love love your new header! Waaay cute!

Angel and Kirby said...

This time of year is very crazy. We understand completely.

Laura said...

Love the idea for the retro tree!! I've never had a tree with my cats before so its good to know that I need to get some unbreakable ornaments, maybe ill do a bunch of DIY plastic ones!

I've almost finished my decorating too (also other than the tree) and I love tacky tacky tacky, everything is shiny gold red and green and there is a ton of ribbon, beading and about 1000 meters of tinsel haha. It is my absolute favorite time of year, even though there are exams :S

The Island Cats said...

The new holiday header is great!! We haven't put our tree up yet...mom always waits til closer to Christmas because Ernie likes to climb in it and we all like to knock the ornaments off...they make great toys!!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Whoa! You have had a busy time, Amy! Don't worry about "catching up" on visiting or commenting when you do come by. Your friends understand!!

We get busy too and, while you may not hear from us for a while, it doesn't mean we're not thinking about you or popping by occasionally to check in!!!!!

Hugs'n' headbutts from ours to yours!

The Paw Relations said...

We still have your address for the card exchange. If you need a reminder of ours let us know!

Milo and Alfie said...

Wejust love that new header banner ~ and we are so glad little Floyd is on it. Ann at Zoolatry is just the best.

We love reading your posts ~ espeshully abowt little Barney ('cos he is adorable and norty!)

Forever Foster said...

It sounds like you have been having a super busy time! Thankyou for your nice words about Ronny. We are so happy to welcome him into our family, for however long it ends up being.

Rupert said...

Your blog looks very PURRfessional!

Paws 'n Claws,

The Kool~Kittie~Krew said...

Your holiday banner is PURRfect!!! We hope you all had a wonderfurl turkey day! Sorry we haven't been around much! Mom's been busy!

Debra Taylor said...

I hope your holiday gets more relaxed - sounds like you are getting things done early!

Great to learn Barney was having fun with the plastic thingies - and that he and Kirzon enjoyed the turkey. All of our kitties love turkey, too. But only one has a sweet tooth. I don't give her sweet stuff but my husband does from time to time.

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