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Friday, October 16, 2009

Floyd update

I just wanted to post a quick update and thanks to everyone for sending the good thoughts. I got home last night and tried to give him a few different things to eat. First I tried some of the Fancy Feast appetizers - he licked some of the juice but didn't really eat much. Then I thought I would try some of the kitten milk we had left mixed with a bit of kitten food (I found one can and it was still in code - the milk is milk powder that is kept in the fridge in case we need it again) and he had no interest in that really either. So I pulled out the big guns - treats. I tried Temptations first (he ate 2 or 3) then Pounce (he wasn't interested). So I took some regular Fancy Feast and mixed in some water to thin it (since he licked the juice I thought maybe it was a chewing issue) but not interested at all. He is acting differently - sleeping in weird places and just generally like he is not feeling good. He has been drinking water, so I don't think he is dehydrated at least.

I was in the kitchen later making cookies (the slice and bake kind) and he seemed interested in those, but he can't have them so I gave him some treats and he ate a few of them (maybe 10). So that was a good sign.

Then at dinner he came out to the kitchen like normal (but still not acting his usual self at all) and I gave him his medicine. He didn't really eat anything but I tried again with the appetizers and he licked the juice again.

This morning he was in the kitchen for breakfast as he always is but was kind of hanging out behind the kitchen table. I got the food together and called him to eat (he eats separate from the other cats - he really seems to prefer it that way so even though he could eat with them now that I give him the meds not mixed in the food I let him keep it up - he just gets confused if I try to get him to eat with the others) - he started out like he was coming to eat but then went into the living room instead . I brought him to his food and he took his medicine and ate a very small amount of food (but better than nothing). Then he went to the living room (usually he would eat and then see if there is anything left from the others) and had some water and laid down on the floor (he almost always sleeps on the couch). He just looks like he is a little out of it (just kind of starring off into space) and generally not feeling well. I am really not liking how things are going with him right now and am very worried.

Part of why I am worried is that I read recently that if you are stressed it can affect your pets and since I am seriously depressed about my job right now (I literally cry every day because I am so miserable) I am worried I am making him feel bad and then because he felt bad he was eating less and that made him loose weight, feel worse and eat even less. I really hope it is something simple like that but I just don't know since he already has issues. Plus, I honestly don't know how I would make it so he wasn't picking up my feelings - I guess trying to act happy even if I am not (although cats can pick up stuff like that too from the way it sounds). In the past, he would loose weight but want to eat all the time - he would be very beggy for people food and this time he is not doing that at all. I just don't know what is going on, and I am afraid that I am contributing to the problem.

So I told the other cats that they should try and get him to eat some of the crunchy food while I am gone. I am not sure how that would work (maybe by example) but I would try anything now. I am planning to stop and get some baby food on the way home to see if he will at least try it.

Anyway, hopefully I will have good news later when I get home - like he eats a bunch of something. Keep your fingers and paws crossed out there!


umi_e said...

We will keep praying for Floyd. Don't worry, he will get well soon... You have try your best and he knows it... take care

~ purrs ~

Milo and Alfie said...

Mom speaking:

I'm sory to hear about your job. I can really relate to what you say because I had the same problem this year and am now in the process of taking legal action against my x-employer (fir discriminating against me when I was ill and awaiting cancer related surgery). So ((((hugs)))).
Re Floyd ~ I'm sure he'll be Ok in the long run so try not to worry. he may be enjoying the special attebtion and wanting it to continue. Your right to keep an eye on him and check out he drinks and eats enough ~ the vet maybe able to confirm he's ok, if you fel unsure.

Best wishes.
Milo and Alfie's Mom

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'll khross my paws fur THE KHAT and Mom will think good things fur woo...she understand those issues well...

We'll be looking fur updates later!


Danielle said...

Dear Floyd,

If you are worrying about your bean, don't! She is furry worried about you. It would make her day if you eat more. My bean is praying for you.

Anonymous said...

We are purraying furry hard for Floyd. We are sorry to hear about your job situation and that you're feeling down! Effurything happens for a reason and when one door closes, another opens! Keep that in mind! Until the next update, our thoughts are with you all!

Daisy said...

Floyd, I hope you will do some real good eating so your mom does not worry about you!

Brian said...

That sure is a tough situation. Every time you see them just think about how much they love you, that might help you smile inside for a little while, rinse & repeat. We're all purring for you and Floyd.

Angel and Kirby said...

We are so sorry that he is not feeling well again.

SeaThreePeeO said...

We have every thing possible crossed that Floyd starts feeling better soon! xxx

BeadedTail said...

We are still sending purrs for Floyd so he starts eating again. We are purring for your mom too in hopes that her stress gets better.

One Cats Nip said...

Floyd, this is Tygana, I am purraying for you and I'm going to get my Mom to give all her purrayers and best wishes to your mom about her job, sometimes these things happen for a reason and your Mom will come out happier and stronger than before,