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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Floyd update

Well, I just wanted to post a quick update on Floyd. We went to the vet yesterday and he was down to 14 3/4 lbs - from 16 lbs two weeks earlier. They took some blood to do some tests and it was very tough to get any drawn (which isn't too unusual - he takes after me) but this time for some reason it really bothered him a lot - usually he is good, and doesn't complain but this time he yeowled the whole time. We all felt so bad for him. BUT then they gave him some treats and he ate them (yay) and so we gave him some more and he ate most of those too (but not all). They also gave us some prescription food which is for kitties who aren't eating like they should, along with a syringe to feed him if necessary. They also want to add a second dose of the prednisone for now - it increases appetite so that should help in a few days. They are going to send the blood work up to the specialists office where we took him initially - the vet we saw is gone but they have a bunch of vets up there so I am not too worried about not getting some info - the only thing that may happen is we may need to go back up there for tests which means I have to take a day off work (which I hate so I am ok with it). The main issue is that it is about an hours drive - and Floyd is not a fan of the car, although he was a very good boy the first time we went up there. I am just glad we have specialists so close - an hour is nothing compared to a lot of areas.

So yesterday he ate some treats and licked his food but didn't eat too much. I tried the prescription stuff this morning and it was ignored, so to be safe I mixed some with water and gave it to him with the syringe - he was very good about it, probably because he gets the amoxicillin every day so he is used to taking liquids in that way - just not as much. He is acting much more like himself now (he is sitting right in front of me now) so I think if I give him the food in the syringe for a couple days hopefully he will eat on his own again. Every time he comes in the kitchen he acts like he wants something, but he doesn't really eat much of what I give him - and I am trying everything. The hardest thing is going to be getting him to take the pill in the morning - I am going to get up 30 minutes earlier to be sure I have time and don't have to rush him. He has eaten some temptations today - he really likes the chicken flavor natural ones a lot and then the regular chicken probably next. He has no interest in the salmon or the dairy flavor. I have beef left to try. There are other treats I have given him too but he really prefers Temptations right now. So right now I would have to say he is a bit better, mainly because he is acting more like himself, but he still needs to eat more and gain the weight he lost - and we need to know why he is not eating in the first place.

I will hopefully have some news tomorrow when the blood tests are in - I will update then.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Maybe Temptations should khome in Khanine Flavour!

Sibe Vibes being sent fur Floyd to 'chow' down!


Angel and Kirby said...

We are purring for him. We are glad he ate a little.

Robyn said...

Sending lots and lots of kitten love for Floyd, and keeping our toes crossed for good news.


Fin said...

Purrs for Floyd!!

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Thanks goodness for the temptations!!

C'mon Floyd, we're purring for you!!!!

Milo and Alfie said...

Purrs for Floyd ~ we hope he is better soon.

SeaThreePeeO said...

We're hoping that Floyd improves soon and we're sending loads of puurrs and positive vibes.

How old is Floyd? Is he drinking more then normal? I was wondering whether the problem could be kidney related as I know a lot of older cats tend to get some kidney problems.

Also if he is on Amoxicillin are you offering probiotics to replace the good bacteria killed off by the anitbiotics? You vet should be able to provide you with these, but if not try offering some live natural yoghurt. I find mixing it with some milky porriage is good for encouraging eating.

I have my fingers crossed that it's nothing more serious then an upset tum due to the antib's


Elin said...