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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Barney the Stoner

So I completely forgot to post this story - it happened a couple days ago. Barney was sleeping on his favorite blue bed (you have probably seen it in pictures - it has a curly look to it) and he got up and came and laid on my chest. Then a bit later he sat up like a person (legs out front instead of underneath) and was just kind of balancing there sitting - except he was out cold asleep. Like he sat up in his sleep. Eventually he kind of fell over (he was asleep after all) and just kept sleeping. He is the heaviest sleeper I have ever seen but this was almost like he was sleepwalking (well, sleep sitting). Since he was on me I don't have a picture but it was the weirdest thing I think I have ever seen a cat do. He will move in his sleep to find a good position and I think that was how he was comfortable at the time.

The other thing he does, which he may have learned from like Greenpeace or hippies in the 60's, is that he will go limp when he is near Lola. Well, not always, but he wanted to go on his pillow, and she was already there. I didn't realize it, so I picked him up and put him there - and he just went limp to kind of avoid getting smacked. And the weird thing is it worked - she didn't feel threatened by him and they were able to lay there for a little while comfortably. I thought it was weird at first so I picked him up to see if he was ok - as soon as he was off the pillow he was fine and so when I put him back, right back to limp. It seems like he was trying to show her that he knew she was the dominant cat and although he would like to sleep there he would obey her wishes. He has gone up there a couple times since when she is there on his own and he does the same thing - he lays down (usually at the side of the pillow) and just is very submissive. Then she tolerates it for a few minutes (she growls but that is all). Then she usually leaves - she doesn't really want to be near him because all other times he will start to try and play with her. She is a cranky old ladycat so that is not ever going to happen. And like I said, it is his favorite bed so he is willing to risk it to sleep there.

The sad thing about the pillow is that it sometimes is his surrogate mom (mom cat that is). He will "suckle" on it and then fall asleep. It makes me sad every time because I know it is because he was away from his mom too soon. Virgil did it as a baby (he doesn't now) and Floyd also (he still does). Barney always does it on that pillow (we have an identical purple one) and I think that may be why he loves it. I can always tell because you can hear him lapping at it. I want to try and get video of it but haven't had the camera handy.

And thanks to everyone for all the good thoughts. Virgils eyes are still goopy but he isn't really bothered by it. It is possible that dust could be causing it but his eyes have gotten worse and the dust production is actually down a lot (the floors go in on Friday and there hasn't been as much drywall work the past week or so). The weather has gotten warmer and more humid so it is possible that he is affected by the increase in mold in the air - I know I have been. The problem with it being a cool summer so far is that we haven't had this so I don't have anything to compare it to. He has had pink around his eye since we got him (it changes in shade but there is always a little pinkness) but only one eye was an issue until this week. I just keep cleaning the gunk for now. I actually thought about using some plain saline eyedrops to moisturize his eyes (they look goopy and not teary) but decided to wait and see what the vet says on Saturday. If it really starts to bother him I will try it but he honestly is acting as crazy as normal (even though I am trying to get him to rest). He is even trying to figure out how to get ontop of the cabinet where Virgil sits but hasn't gotten that good at jumping yet (which I am sure makes Virgil happy). I will try and post some more pics later. I won't be having any videos until after the floor change (the old one is so gross and that is where they always play) but will start up with them again after it is in.


Anonymous said...

We really like your post today and wanted to let you know, we left an award our on page for you all today!

Angel and Kirby said...

It is fun to watch a kitten while they sleep. Illyana use to sleep on my chest when I sat at the computer. I never saw her sleep setting, though!

Mishkat said...

Tasha used to do that nursing thing too because she was so tiny when we found her. She never actually suckled anything - she just made the noises when she was sleeping on us. She's a cranky lady cat too now, though - she says to tell Lola she understands completely!

And we're purring for Barney's eyes.

Anonymous said...

Cats can get comfy almost anywhere! Poor Virgil. We hope his eyes are better soon. Whitey's left eye always seems to have a pink tint on the lids, but no goopies, thank goodness!

pughy said...

Its good to watch the laces cats get comfy, they are always cute. I hope the eye issue is cleared up soon..

Hugs GJ xx

The Island Cats said...

We'd love to see a picture of Barney sitting like that!

And mom sez she had a cat that use to do the nursing thing too...'cept he did it on her arm!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Oh, where is the picture of Barney!!!! SOUNDS LIKE A MUST SEE!!!

Cheyenne -Millie said...

That is kind of sweet and maybe sad that he nurses a pillow! Spooky likes to get on Sarah and suck at her clothes!

Ariel said...

When Ariel was a kitten she use to suckle the bed pillow also.She was only 8 weeks when I got her.