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Monday, June 22, 2009


So we had quite an exciting weekend - no power! We had a very brief, intense storm on Friday evening just before 7 - and the power went out. It didn't come on until last night. That meant a lot of kitty rearranging since Barney was being kept separate in the upstairs bedroom - which got hot real quickly. The big storm had to be on the hottest weekend so far (almost 90). Because we live in a townhouse the only way to have a cross breeze is to open the windows on both sides of the house, which means keeping all the upstairs bedrooms open. Downstairs stayed much cooler - luckily we had a couple of battery operated fans (that run on the batteries from the cordless drill) that did a good job. But because of that I had to bring Barney downstairs and try and keep him away from the others. We don't have a way to separate the downstairs either, because it is all open. But most of the time the older kitties went to sit upstairs, and a came down if they got too warm - it got way to hot for me in the whole house, but I think downstaris never got up to 80 thanks to the fans. I was trying to keep them all away from Barney but he is FAST! Virgil isn't thrilled with him (or me) but the others just kind of watched him. He is not really sneezing now (only a couple times when he smelled something new, which happened a lot downstairs, so he did well even with that) and his eye is a bit pink but is better than it had been (when Brad emptied the fridge, he was hanging out there and his eye got a bit red again - mostly after the power and air came back on so I think that some things got stirred up between the two - I think he was rubbing it more after that but it is ok again today). He was a very good kitten, and the cats were for the most part very good. Brad is home today to be sure that the power stays on, but there are storms forecast all week so I am a bit concerned. Keep your fingers crossed that the power stays on this time!

Oh, because of the lack of power, there are no pics either - we had the blinds and curtains closed downstairs to keep the sun out (no that there was a lot because we have a north/south exposure) to keep it cooler. I will try and get some today - we have noticed that Barney is a very smiley cat, so I hope I can get some of those on film!


Tom, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan said...

We hope the storms go away and the power stays on, so we can have more pictures!

CCL Wendy said...

Sorry to hear you all had such a rough weekend. A/C is almost a necessity these days -- I know I couldn't live without it. I'll bet the kitties are happy that the power is back, too!

Fin said...

Stay Cool!

Angel and Kirby said...

Sorry about the power loss. Hope it has cooled off now!