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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Death of the Boogie Mat

Well, this morning I got a nasty surprise from someone when I walked in the kitchen - someone barfed all over the boogie mat. There was a GIANT hairball in the middle, so I have my suspects (Floyd because of the size of the hairball, and Kirzon because he wasn't really interested in breakfast like he usually is). So, the boogie mat had to be tossed - it just was not salvageable at all. So now I have to try to find another one (or two or three wouldn't be bad). I was surprised to find one at the pet store but have not seen any others anywhere else. I am not sure why the cats like to barf on things they like - my guess is that they are either playing with it or sitting on it, and then then just have to barf, with no time to move away from the thing. The same thing happened with Kirzon's favorite heart shapped cat toy - luckily they had a very similar one at Supplies for Pets - Baby Patches mom's site so I was finally able to replace that. I am hoping to replace the boogie mat quickly so they don't miss it too much - wish me luck!


Angel and Kirby said...

Try Fatcats.com! We got ours at Petco (petco.com)

Daisy said...

Rest in peace, Boogie Mat. You were a good toy.