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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Can cat wrangling go on my resume?

So apparently my free time at home will now be spent cat wrangling - because Barney is so quick! Since he should technically be apart from the cats unitl tomorrow (but the power outage changed that) I have been trying my best but as you can see Virgil is super curious. The other three are more interested in his kitten food. Those pictures were taken early in the evening - as soon as Barney made a break for the kitchen Floyd was on his crunchy food like a crazy person. Then Kirzon wanted to try it and then Lola - I spent half the night chasing them away and half chasing Barney. I guess I need the exercise so that is ok. He is a very good climber - he can zoom all the way upstairs already - and so that is an issue - we have open stairs and he really wants to jump from the landing between the two floors. Now, if it was one of the big cats I wouldn't worry (I know Virgil has done it and Kirzon used to when he was younger) but Barney is so tiny I don't want him hurt.

And boy, you can see how tiny he is and how big Virgil is in that picture where Virgil is coming up behind him. Virgil is the smallest cat (ok, he is a kitten still until 7/4 but still) and he looks HUGE compared to Barney. He is still a little cutie to me though. He is much more tolerant of his baby brother now, and also not mad at me anymore for bringing the tiny terror into the house. Barney likes to play with him and really loves all the toys we have - he went crazy over the plague ratsie last night. Barney is also very brave because even if a kitty hisses at him, he will keep going towards them. None have really given him a good bop yet - they are pretty tolerant - so he has no fear yet. He hasn't really spent any time with Floyd or Lola, but Kirzon and he have touched noses and he and Virgil have had some fun chasing each other - Virgil is a good big brother to watch him.

I tried to get some good plague ratsie pictures so I am hoping to have one or two - I would love to get one of Barney touching noses with any of the cats so that is what I will try to do - they are all so quick about it, that it makes it tough.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that I had what could be a great idea - cat jewelry. I know that I have seen dog necklaces, but why not for cats? See, I make these id badge holders for some of the teachers/employees at my boyfriends district (and have sold a couple - yay!) and they have to be able to break away, so I use a magnetic clasp. I was thinking that I could do that for kitties - that way they can't be choked by it, the clasp would break away first. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I am working on some ideas now, but they could have names in them, or colorful stones and things like that.


Angel and Kirby said...

I have trouble keeping any thing on my two, so I don't think they would wear it.

Fin said...

Kitty Jewelry sounds nice but I don't like anything on my neck, but lots of kitties do.

Shadow said...

I might not mind some jewelry.. but don't know about the other two.

Mr. Tigger said...

Welcome to the M-Cats Club Barney!!
Hi 5 paw,
Mr. Tigger

HubbleSpacePaws said...

The mag-clasp idea is interesting. I've had critters who don't mind something around the neck and some who were Houdini and wore collars for, oh, an average of 37.3 seconds.

Test drive on your own critters and, if it works, there are low cost outlets like Etsy... so what's the harm in giving the idea a whirl and seeing if it takes off? Ahhh, kitteh based entreprenurship...