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Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Floyd News

Well, I talked to the vet and he said Floyd's test came out normal, which is what they usually are (at least the blood tests). His levels are all good, which is good. For those of you who don't remember or are new, Floyd has Lymphoma, pancreatitis and hepatatis,but all are fairly mild cases, but combined they caused him to shrink to about half his size (he was 23lbs and got down to 11). Since he is a big cat, he should be around 17 lbs.

Ok, so we are still going to have to hear from the vet specialist but if he thinks it is ok, we will be able to push out Floyd's vet visits a bit. Floyd didn't used to mind going to the vet (he hated the car but was ok at the actual vet) but now he doesn't want to be there because every time he goes they have to draw blood. He is not much of a bleeder so it takes a while - he takes after me like that. So tomorrow we will hopefuly have the best news, which is that Floyd gets to cut down on vet visits. Anyway, here are some pictures - Enjoy!!


Angel said...

Super pictures! Glad it is good news for Floyd!

Fin said...

Hope you feel all better soon. Purrs!

C said...

We hope that Floyd gets better, that the vet can help him. Those are nice photos! Especially that 2nd one! I love that look in the eye! Sandusky here looks like that when he is about to get in someone's lap.