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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Floyd Update

So good news - Floyd is back up to 12 1/4 lbs (or 12 1/2, I can't remember the exact amount.) That is very good and means that the amoxicillian is working - we aren't exactly sure why because his bloodwork is always good, but if it works we are going to stick with it. Right now he is staring at me trying to convince me to give him some of my garlic butter fries. Yes, I did say garlic butter fries, and no he will not get any - garlic is bad for cats. So far everyone likes the green logo - I will be doing pink for October and will probably change the color again at some point. Any suggestions would be great. So here is a video - it is pretty long, but I think it has a decent amount of all of the cats. Enjoy!


Angel said...

That is great news for Floyd! I know you are relieved that he has gained!

C said...

I noticed you on the blogs that follow me.... thought I would come on over to say hi! It is always nice to meet a new cat! Hope Floyd is getting better! Interesting video... you are lucky to get one. Moms camera only takes 14 second movies, and they are silent.

barb said...

Wow. I've never tried to upload more than a 2 minute video. I can only imagine how long 9 minutes took!

I'm glad that Floyd is doing better. With my cat Gandalf, the problem is trying to keep him from gaining as my parents, who now live with me, can't resist giving them extra treats and tuna fish and such!

I didn't realize you could major in Photo in college... That sounds right up my alley!

Anya said...

Hi nice to meet you :)
I noticed you on Luna blog !!
Lovely blog you have ,
we like it :)
purrss Kareltje =^.^=
greetz ANYA
we living in The Netherlands :)

Amy said...

Hi All - thanks for the comments. We love when people like our site. A couple things - on the video upload - I think that 2 minutes will be closer to what I stick to in th future - I think it took more than an hour to actually upload and with the conversion it was closer to 2 hours (I want to say I started at 8:25, like it says, and had it up at like 10:30). The camera has an option that will do little 4 minute films and I may start to use that. As far as the gaining weight thing, yep, it is a weird issue. He was 22 lbs at one point, and we wanted him to loose a little. At first we thought it was the diet change but we realized it was not good as he kept getting lower and lower and was acting like he was starving a lot of the time. 17 would be a good weight for him. And for majoring in Photography - it was great (it was also a long time ago, before digital even took hold - they had just started to offer it as I finished) but really not the best option for a career - I was at a 2 year school, and now as I still am trying to graduate (I only have been out of high school for 20 years this year) with a BA I have been through other less usefull majors like Philosophy and Humanities. I know my old school has non-credit "adult education" photo classes and I am planning to take some on digital - I love the classes so I of course recommend them. I really did learn a lot.