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Friday, May 15, 2009

A Couple Quickies...

Ok, this is not my official post today, but I wanted to mention two things:

1) I just learned about this group called Rescue Ink on another blog - they help abused animals. They aren't the kind of guys you would expect but they seem to have the same opinion I have about animaly abuse (and I am sure you do too) that is is completely unacceptable and has to be stopped. Stop by and take a look if you have a chance.

2) I have been on a couple sites lately that have had that pop-up thing happen, where it just starts opening window after window after window. When I reported it to Blogger they said it was probably a spam site and to stop going - but it wasn't a spam site, and I had been going for a long time before that. Blogger doesn't seem to care that this keeps happening, and I am very angry about it. I am asking that if this happens to anyone when you come to my site, please drop me an email to let me know - you can reach me through my profile.

Also, if everyone could do me a favor, a friend of mine from our Ohio office, Lisa, is having some tests done today because they found a growth pressing on her heart and lungs, don't know what it is, and can't remove it because it is too big. They are testing to find out what it is, so I am asking everyone to send some good, positive thoughts her way - she doesn't have a blog, but she is a nice person, and I am hoping it is nothing too horible.

Thanks and I will be back to talking about the cats when I get home.


Angel said...

WWe are sending purrs ans prayers for your friend. We have not had a problem with pop-ups, but we block them.

Tom, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan said...

On regular websites, you can usually set your browser to block pop-up windows. But we have noticed that some blogs do have windows that pop up all over the place, like images from each link they include. That is something they set and you can't do anything about it.

We hope your friend has the best news possible after her tests.

Amy said...

See, that is the thing - I have pop up blocking on too but it is still happening. Maybe it just hates my work computer!!

Anonymous said...

We have pop-up blocking, and haven't had any problems.

We sure are sending healing purrs and prayers for your friend!

Fin said...

Big purrs to your friend.

::Mom Edit:: I had the same thing happen, and no they were not Spam sites and it would happen on my friends sites and then not the next time I went there.

Then someone suggested using Firefox as my browser and it has been great. It's free and I like it much better!

BooBoo said...

I hope your friend is ok.

The Island Cats said...

Regarding the popup issue...when mom helps us blog every once in awhile when we visit one of our furiends, it's like windows start to open again and again and then it locks up the computer and we hafta exit out of IE (yeah, we use IE). It's not like we get popups, but it does freeze up the computer. We're probably not explaining this right...but anyway, there's no real rhyme or reason...and it is frustrating!

We sure hope your friend is okay...we're purraying for her...

Cheyenne -Millie said...

We are sending purrs and positive thoughts to your friend! We hope it isn't real bad!

About the many windows?... That was happening to moms big computer... when she was using Internet Explorer. Another friend suggested she try Firefox. Mom already had Firefox on her laptop and her laptop never had that problem happen. So we downloaded Firefox to the big computer... Now everything seems fine!
PS: Thanks for the birthday wishes to mom and Sandusky! Also, we are glad you mentioned the dog Sailor! We hope things go well for him.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

I just noticed Fin's comment. It was she who suggested Firefox! Thanks Fin!

Lorianna said...

Oh Amy, I hope your friend will be okay! I try to light a candle every evening to send out healing energy to all in need. I will keep her in my thoughts.
I wish I knew why you had the pop ups. I use Mozilla too. I like it a lot.
Happy Weekend!