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Friday, April 17, 2009

So Much Badness!

One of the cats was super bad last night - and the problem is I have no idea who. When I got home yesterday, I put my coat and purse on the kitchen table (I was carrying my coat because it was warm and just set it all down). So later on, when I went to feed the cats, I picked it up and it was COVERED in cat pee. The exterior was waterproof so whatever got on those areas didn't soak in. It got all over me - fun - and on the floor and on the table. Yuck! Luckily it was garbage night so I was able to just throw it away. But I don't understand why they would have done that - the litterbox was clean, and usually if they are going to be bad an pee outside the box they do it under the stairs. I can't believe they climed on the table and used my coat. It seems very strange.

Then, this morning, about 20 minutes before my alarm went off, Virgil decided it was noisemaking time. He started pawing at the paper we have up to block off the railing - it is still up because honestly, I am still concerned about it, since he is such a daredevil. I would love a permanant way to close it off. And I would yell "Virgil" and he would stop, then start up again a few minutes later. And I had been up sick in the middle of the night, so I needed all the sleep I could get before work. Then this morning they were all running around like maniacs upstairs - playing with a ball or something. They are super riled up and I am not sure why - I wonder if it is a full moon?

Anyway I hope to have some pictures this weekend. I will post as soon as I can. I am also still trying to get the time to go through and talk about all the great cat blogs I have found - if you are one of them and I haven't added you to the list, don't worry, I will be doing it. It is just tough at work (it is hard enough trying to get in the posts without getting caught!)

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Angel said...

It is a mystery why they would mark your coat. I have no sage advice on this.