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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

So I hope everyone liked my St. Patrick's Day Blingee of Virgil. If I can find a cute picture that will work I am hoping to make an Easter one of at least one of the cats (Lola would be a good choice - sometimes we call her a bunny, although when she was little she was more like an alien/mouse hybrid).

The cats had a nice St. Pat's day - I made corned beef bites, which have cream cheese in them, so I let them have some cream cheese - it was very popular. I just put the container down for them to lick out, so they had cream cheese coated whiskers for a little while. At least it kept them busy for a little while while I cooked. My biggest worry was when I was heating up the oil to fry them (I should explain, for those of you who haven't had corned beef bites - they are corned beef and cream cheese (and I add shredded swiss) that are breaded and deep fried and served with horsradish sauce - I stole the idea from Ballydoyle in Downers Grove) I was worried about cats trying to jump up on the stove. Virgil had already climed up where the toaste oven is (not allowed) that day and he was hanging around the store area a lot. So I spent half my time trying to watch the oil heat up and the other half throwing his "ball" far away so he had to go look for it (after which he would promptly come back). Once the oil was heated it was quick but then I had to keep them warm in the oven - again, had to find ways to keep him away. But there were no accidents (luckily he was in the living room while we ate and the oil cooled). I am always worried about him and Floyd - they are the only ones that go on the counters - and Floyd only started doing it last year when he was sick and starving.

Speaking of Floyd he is doing well - and most of the time he takes his medicine ok. But last night he was not in the mood and I had to wrestle with him a bit, and I hurt my back. He is still playing with his sparkly balls a lot which is good because the cats need to exercise - although he doesn't need to loose weight. I wish I could get Lola and Kirzon to play more. Floyd has also been rubbing his chin on something and had now got scabs on his chin - no clue what from. I have put some neosporin on them so hopefully that helps but we have to get a bloodtest on saturday so if it is still bad I can ask the vet about it. I have no idea what these cats get into but they love to rub their chins raw - first Lola (who currenlty has a new scab also) then Kirzon (who seems to have stopped) and now Floyd. I hope Virgil doesn't pick up the habit - although I don't see him rub up against stuff nearly as much as the others do. The others have always done it but whatever they have found lately must be sharp. I think it started when Lola got a little scratch playing with Virgil and then as it healed it got itchy and she wanted to scratch it. Then it ballooned from there. Anyway, I am going to try and find what they are using to get rid of it -I had gotten rid of two cat toys that were designed for them to rub on because I am sure that was what did it before, but I have no clue what Floyd has been rubbing on.

Anyway, I have some new Virgil pics I will post later - don't miss out on the cute cat in the post below - not one of mine but adorable.

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