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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crazy cats

So the cats were crazy last night - I don't know what got in to them. Virgil was running around like a crazy person. He likes to just run a lot - he is very fast and he knows it. But Floyd kept going on the living room table, and when I went downstairs to get a cough drop at bed time I found him sitting on the kitchen table - a big no no in our house. Virgil kept jumping on the cabinet below the TV, which he knows is something he should not do, but usually he will just sit - not last night. I don't know why he started going up there again - for a while he was good and stopped. He also has been sitting in the window lately - and opening the curtians while he is there. So we have to keep getting up and closing them. I think that they all know spring is coming - maybe they have spring fever. Not that they ever go outside - but my guess is that they are seeing more birds and other small animals, and it is getting them all riled up. Whatever it is I hope they are calmer tonight - I will try to get some pictures of them to post if they let me and do anything interesting. The problem is that the older ones spend a lot of their time sleeping - and that just gets boring to take pictures of after a while.

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