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Friday, March 27, 2009

Apparently feet are a problem

So Virgil has been really attacking my feet lately - it is really funny because he does it anytime I walk into a room he is in and am not wearing shoes. He has done that with Brad a lot in the morning but he just started with me recently. I think this morning he was actually trying to take my sock off my foot. He is getting back into socks again - I have been finding them around the house. I think that when they are balled up and in the laundry basket they are easy to get to, and he likes that. But if I just give them to him, it is too easy, so he isn't as interested - until later when I am not around that is. He seems to have gotten over the fact that I took away the ponytail holders he loved.

This morning he was hungry and my arm was out so he grabbed it and tried to pull me to get up. It was really funny. I told him it wasn't time for breakfast yet and he would have to way, and then the alarm went off. He is getting good at telling time I guess. He also seems to recognize my car, because a couple times I have driven by the house and he was in the window, and I have seen him get up and then when I come in he is waiting by the door for me. I also think he knows the sound of the garage door opening, because the times I don't see him in the window he is still sitting and waiting for me. He is very smart.

I have some pictures to post, but didnt' have a chance last night because we were out pretty late (at least for us). So I will try to post them when I get home.

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