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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Virgil is at the Vet

Today is the day Virgil went in to get neutered. I miss him already! I was so sad when I put him in the car to go - Brad drove him up there and I am picking him up on Friday. For some reason this is bothering me more than with the other three and I am not sure why. Maybe because of his rough life before coming to live with me (the earliest part, not the part at the Vet's office). I know they will take good care of him but I am just very sad he is not at home. Friday cannot come soon enough for me.

When I get home I have some pictures to hopefully post. I still don't have any of the cats in their Christmas costumes but hope to in the next day or so. I am sure that it will go well when I try to dress them up. Although actually I have put clothes on them before (tshirts I had that had shrank or even really big ones) and they usually just kind of lay down with a really pissed off look on their faces, so maybe that will work out well to get pictures. Although I dont' think I will have any group shots.

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