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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our little boy is growing up!

So Virgil went for is his last kitten shots before his first rabies shot over the weekend. He is up to 4 7/8 pounds! I can't believe it. He has totally lost his kitten-ness. And he is still a baby. Because of his age and size he is now scheduled for his surgery to get neutered. It will be right before Christmas. He will be gone for two nights and it makes me sad just thinking about it.

He is also just tall enough now to see out the front door when standing on his hind legs. I have pics to post from Halloweeh of him looking for trick-or-treaters. There weren't too many. We had a bubble fog machine set up outside the door and it was just fascinating to him - he lunged at the door to try and get out a couple of times. I will probably post a couple of the Halloween decor pics in a separate post, just to show off my decorating handywork. I didn't dress the cats up, which is kind of easy to tell since I am here to type this. If I had they would probably have tried to smother me in my sleep. Although I do plan to try and get them into Santa hats. I don't think that Virgil would mind, Lola and Kirzon wouldn't be thrilled but would tolerate it for about a minute or so, but Floyd would hate it - he hates hats. He starts meowing like a madman if you try to put one on him. He must have had a traumatic hat experience as a kitten. I bet he has nightmares where he is wearing a hat.

So Virgil is also turining into some sort of ninja cat. He was playing with Lola and did this rotating flip thing that you would swear was a ninja move. I think it is because he still has his kitten flexibility.

Anyway, I will post some pictures of both the cats and the Halloween decor when I get home.

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