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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Long Awaited Update

Well, I know I have been bad about updating lately. We have been trying to get the house ready for Thanksgiving so we have been busy painting, putting in new furniture, FINALLY hanging the TV, and just general cleaning and reorganizing. This was the first time Virgil was around painting, and really the first time for most of the other cats since we did most of the painting at the house before we moved them in. Floyd was the only one to really get the full experience when he was a baby at the apartment, and it ended up with him having two painted handprints on his back because he got stuck while climbing the screen door and I had to grab him quickly, with wet, painted hands. This time Floyd got out of it paint free, but Virgil wasn't so lucky. The first thing we did was paint the wall where we were hanging the TV white, and he stepped in the paint tray (there are still a couple white spots on the tile and carpet where he was walking, which is ok because the tile and carpet are ugly anyway, and we plan to get rid of them). The next thing I painted was the other two walls behind our couch, and that was a dark blue - he slept the whole time. I hated the dark blue and decided to go a couple shades lighter - this is when the problems began.

You see, Virgil is still a baby, and so he is very curious. Sometimes he is very energetic and bouncy, even more than normal. This was one of those days. So I was painting the new lighter blue paint, and he had to come over and see what I was doing. He decided to lean on the wall for a second and so part of his butt got painted (not to bad yet). I tried to scare him off, and that seemed to work for a couple minutes. But then he came back and rubbed up against the wall again - on the other side of his butt! He got paint on his tail too. I gave up, picked him up, dried him off the best I could (the first time he was pretty dry but the second time he was wet) using my shirt (he was squirming and wriggling to get away so I had to work quickly) and then took him upstairs and put him in the bedroom. He has been sleeping up there with me at night because he is a terror and night and makes so much noise I am surprised the neighbors don't hear it. It worked out ok, because he has a litter box and some crunchy food and water in there. So while I finished the first coat he had to stay up there - I didn't realize Kirzon was in there too, but again, they had food, water and litter so it was ok. The bigges issue was that Virgil was in a playing mood and Kirzon wasn't. After the first coat had started to dry I let them out, and Virgil was much calmer. He slept through the second coat, which was good because I felt bad locking him up. I took a couple pictures of the cat who is now known as "painty butt" and will post them when I get home. I plan to try and take more pics as the holidays go by. I am going to put up a second post here in a bit about my plan for the holiday with a crazy cat in the house. Probably will be up before the pictures.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving from me, Floyd, Kirzon, Lola and Virgil!

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