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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Horror - Computer Update

So yesterday I was hoping for good news on my computer. I had moved everything off my laptop onto an external hard drive which I got a month ago and a couple days ago when I tried to access it, it didn't work. So we took it to Microcenter last night hoping it was just a wire or something, where we got the bad news. Not just a wire, the whole thing is dead. All my baby pics of Virgil are on it and most of my pictures of the other cats. I literally started to cry. The only option is a disaster data recovery company. I am going to go that route but it is going to cost a lot of money, but I want the pics and all my music and videos too. So when I got home I decided to check the back up drives we have to see what I had managed to back up - one worked but hadn't been backed up in a long time, and guess what - the other one is dead too. So if I did back up to it, well, it really doesn't matter because that one is out of commission. I find it strange that both died at the exact same time so I think they must have a virus or something, which makes me worry about my computer and everything else associated with it. So I am really sad today about the fact tht most of my pics of Virgil are now history - all I have left are those on this website unless the disaster people can save them. So seriously this time cross your fingers. Wow, I am such a dork that I am getting teary hear at work thinking about it.

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